AAAI Publications, Twenty-Fifth IAAI Conference

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Interactive Information Extraction and Navigation to Enable Effective Link Analysis and Visualization of Unstructured Text
Emily Budlong, Carrie Pine, Mark Zappavigna, James Homer, Charles Proefrock, John Gucwa, Michael Crystal, Ralph Weischedel

Last modified: 2013-06-28


This paper describes the Advanced Text Exploitation Assistant (ATEA), a system developed to enable intelligence analysts to perform link analysis and visualization (A&V) from information in large volumes of unstructured text. One of the key design challenges that had to be addressed was that of imperfect Information Extraction (IE) technology. While IE seems like a promising candidate for exploiting information in unstructured text, it makes mistakes. As a result, analysts do not trust its results. In this paper, we discuss how ATEA overcomes the obstacle of imperfect IE by incorporating a human-in-the-loop for review and correction of extraction results. We also discuss how coupling consolidated extraction results (corpus-level information objects) with an intuitive user interface facilitates interactive navigation of the resulting information. With these key features, ATEA enables effective link analysis and visualization of information in unstructured text.


Information Extraction, Human Computer Interface, Text Analytics

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