AAAI Publications, Twenty-Second International Conference on Automated Planning and Scheduling

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Improved Non-Deterministic Planning by Exploiting State Relevance
Christian James Muise, Sheila A. McIlraith, Christopher Beck

Last modified: 2012-05-14


We address the problem of computing a policy for fully observable non-deterministic (FOND) planning problems. By focusing on the relevant aspects of the state of the world, we introduce a series of improvements to the previous state of the art and extend the applicability of our planner, PRP, to work in an online setting. The use of state relevance allows our policy to be exponentially more succinct in representing a solution to a FOND problem for some domains. Through the introduction of new techniques for avoiding deadends and determining sufficient validity conditions, PRP has the potential to compute a policy up to several orders of magnitude faster than previous approaches. We also find dramatic improvements over the state of the art in online replanning when we treat suitable probabilistic domains as FOND domains.


non-deterministic planning;strong cyclic planning;FOND;state relevance

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