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Sponsors PDF
Blai Bonet
Preface PDF
Thomas Leo McCluskey, Brian Williams, José Reinaldo Silva, Blai Bonet
Organizing Committee PDF
Blai Bonet
Program Committee PDF
Blai Bonet
Special Track on Continuous Planning PDF
Blai Bonet

Full Papers

Temporal Planning with Preferences and Time-Dependent Continuous Costs PDF
J. Benton, Amanda Coles, Andrew Coles
Pruning Methods for Optimal Delete-Free Planning PDF
Avitan Gefen, Ronen Brafman
Planning Modulo Theories: Extending the Planning Paradigm PDF
Peter Gregory, Derek Long, Maria Fox, J. Christopher Beck
CP and MIP Methods for Ship Scheduling with Time-Varying Draft PDF
Elena Kelareva, Sebastian Brand, Philip Kilby, Sylvie Thiebaux, Mark Wallace
Integrating Vehicle Routing and Motion Planning PDF
Scott Kiesel, Ethan Burns, Christopher Wilt, Wheeler Ruml
Improved Non-Deterministic Planning by Exploiting State Relevance PDF
Christian James Muise, Sheila A. McIlraith, Christopher Beck
Making Hybrid Plans More Clear to Human Users - A Formal Approach for Generating Sound Explanations PDF
Bastian Seegebarth, Felix Müller, Bernd Schattenberg, Susanne Biundo
Long-Run Stability in Dynamic Scheduling PDF
Daria Terekhov, Tony T. Tran, Douglas G. Down, J. Christopher Beck
Automated Planning for Liner Shipping Fleet Repositioning PDF
Kevin Tierney, Amanda Coles, Andrew Coles, Christian Kroer, Adam M. Britt, Rune Møller Jensen
Schedule-Driven Coordination for Real-Time Traffic Network Control PDF
Xiao-Feng Xie, Stephen F. Smith, Gregory J. Barlow

Short Papers

Anticipatory On-Line Planning PDF
Ethan Burns, J. Benton, Wheeler Ruml, Sungwook Yoon, Minh B. Do
Optimally Relaxing Partial-Order Plans with MaxSAT PDF
Christian James Muise, Sheila A. McIlraith, Christopher Beck
Learning Portfolios of Automatically Tuned Planners PDF
Jendrik Seipp, Manuel Braun, Johannes Garimort, Malte Helmert