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Full Papers

Temporal Planning with Preferences and Time-Dependent Continuous Costs PDF
J. Benton, Amanda Coles, Andrew Coles
MDD Propagation for Disjunctive Scheduling PDF
Andre Augusto Cire, Willem-jan van Hoeve
Tractable Monotone Temporal Planning PDF
Martin C. Cooper, Frederic Maris, Pierre Regnier
Iterative Improvement Algorithms for the Blocking Job Shop PDF
Angelo Oddi, Riccardo Rasconi, Amedeo Cesta, Stephen F. Smith
The Application of Automated Planning to Machine Tool Calibration PDF
Simon Parkinson, Andrew Longstaff, Andrew Crampton, Peter Gregory
Automated Planning for Liner Shipping Fleet Repositioning PDF
Kevin Tierney, Amanda Coles, Andrew Coles, Christian Kroer, Adam M. Britt, Rune Møller Jensen

Short Papers

Optimizing Plans through Analysis of Action Dependencies and Independencies PDF
Lukáš Chrpa, Thomas Leo McCluskey, Hugh Osborne