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Full Papers

Sampling-Based Coverage Path Planning for Inspection of Complex Structures PDF
Brendan J. Englot, Franz S. Hover
Incremental Lower Bounds for Additive Cost Planning Problems PDF
Patrik Haslum
How to Relax a Bisimulation? PDF
Michael Katz, Joerg Hoffmann, Malte Helmert
Semi-Relaxed Plan Heuristics PDF
Emil Ragip Keyder, Joerg Hoffmann, Patrik Haslum
Predicting Optimal Solution Cost with Bidirectional Stratified Sampling PDF
Levi Lelis, Roni Stern, Ariel Felner, Sandra Zilles, Robert C. Holte
Resource-Constrained Planning: A Monte Carlo Random Walk Approach PDF
Hootan Nakhost, Joerg Hoffmann, Martin Mueller
About Partial Order Reduction in Planning and Computer Aided Verification PDF
Martin Wehrle, Malte Helmert

Short Papers

Minimal Landmarks for Optimal Delete-Free Planning PDF
Patrik Haslum, John Slaney, Sylvie Thiebaux
Optimal Planning for Delete-Free Tasks with Incremental LM-Cut PDF
Florian Pommerening, Malte Helmert
Learning Portfolios of Automatically Tuned Planners PDF
Jendrik Seipp, Manuel Braun, Johannes Garimort, Malte Helmert