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Preface PDF
Thomas Leo McCluskey, Brian Williams, José Reinaldo Silva, Blai Bonet

Full Papers

CP and MIP Methods for Ship Scheduling with Time-Varying Draft PDF
Elena Kelareva, Sebastian Brand, Philip Kilby, Sylvie Thiebaux, Mark Wallace
Integrating Vehicle Routing and Motion Planning PDF
Scott Kiesel, Ethan Burns, Christopher Wilt, Wheeler Ruml
Reverse Iterative Deepening for Finite-Horizon MDPs with Large Branching Factors PDF
Andrey Kolobov, Peng Dai, Mausam Mausam, Daniel S. Weld
About Partial Order Reduction in Planning and Computer Aided Verification PDF
Martin Wehrle, Malte Helmert
Bandit-Based Planning and Learning in Continuous-Action Markov Decision Processes PDF
Ari Weinstein, Michael L. Littman