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Technical Papers

A Reminder about the Importance of Computing and Exploiting Invariants in Planning PDF
Vidal Alcázar, Álvaro Torralba
Tight Bounds for HTN Planning PDF
Ron Alford, Pascal Bercher, David W. Aha
Solving Large-Scale Planning Problems by Decomposition and Macro Generation PDF
Masataro Asai, Alex Fukunaga
On the Complexity of HTN Plan Verification and Its Implications for Plan Recognition PDF
Gregor Behnke, Daniel Höller, Susanne Biundo
Iterated Local Search Heuristics for Minimizing Total Completion Time in Permutation and Non-permutation Flow Shops PDF
Alexander Javier Benavides, Marcus Ritt
PDDL+ Planning with Hybrid Automata: Foundations of Translating Must Behavior PDF
Sergiy Bogomolov, Daniele Magazzeni, Stefano Minopoli, Martin Wehrle
Don't Split, Try To Work It Out: Bypassing Conflicts in Multi-Agent Pathfinding PDF
Eli Boyrasky, Ariel Felner, Guni Sharon, Roni Stern
Optimising Bounds in Simple Temporal Networks with Uncertainty under Dynamic Controllability Constraints PDF
Jing Cui, Peng Yu, Cheng Fang, Patrik Haslum, Brian C Williams
Sequencing Operator Counts PDF
Toby O. Davies, Adrian R. Pearce, Peter J. Stuckey, Nir Lipovetzky
Modeling and Computation in Planning: Better Heuristics from More Expressive Languages PDF
Guillem Francès, Hector Geffner
Dynamic Redeployment to Counter Congestion or Starvation in Vehicle Sharing Systems PDF
Supriyo Ghosh, Pradeep Varakantham, Yossiri Adulyasak, Patrick Jaillet
Beating LM-Cut with h^max (Sometimes): Fork-Decoupled State Space Search PDF
Daniel Gnad, Joerg Hoffmann
Domain Model Acquisition in the Presence of Static Relations in the LOP System PDF
Peter Gregory, Stephen Cresswell
On the Expressive Power of Non-Linear Merge-and-Shrink Representations PDF
Malte Helmert, Gabriele Röger, Silvan Sievers
Explicit Conjunctions without Compilation: Computing hFF(PiC) in Polynomial Time PDF
Joerg Hoffmann, Maximilian Fickert
Hindsight Optimization for Probabilistic Planning with Factored Actions PDF
Murugeswari Issakkimuthu, Alan Fern, Roni Khardon, Prasad Tadepalli, Shan Xue
Temporal Planning With Required Concurrency Using Classical Planning PDF
Sergio Jiménez, Anders Jonsson, Héctor Palacios
Temporal Landmarks: What Must Happen, and When PDF
Erez Karpas, David Wang, Brian C. Williams, Patrik Haslum
Beliefs In Multiagent Planning: From One Agent to Many PDF
Filippos Kominis, Hector Geffner
History-Based Controller Design and Optimization for Partially Observable MDPs PDF
Akshat Kumar, Shlomo Zilberstein
Schedule Generation Schemes and Genetic Algorithm for the Scheduling Problem with Skilled Operators and Arbitrary Precedence Relations PDF
Raúl Mencía, María R. Sierra, Carlos Mencía, Ramiro Varela
Temporal Flexibility Revisited: Maximizing Flexibility by Computing Bipartite Matchings PDF
Simon Mountakis, Tomas Klos, Cees Witteveen
Moving Target Search with Subgoal Graphs PDF
Doron Nussbaum, Alper Yörükçü
A Normal Form for Classical Planning Tasks PDF
Florian Pommerening, Malte Helmert
New Optimization Functions for Potential Heuristics PDF
Jendrik Seipp, Florian Pommerening, Malte Helmert
Individual Planning in Agent Populations: Exploiting Anonymity and Frame-Action Hypergraphs PDF
Ekhlas Sonu, Yingke Chen, Prashant Doshi
Admissible Landmark Heuristic for Multi-Agent Planning PDF
Michal Štolba, Daniel Fišer, Antonín Komenda
A Compilation Based Approach to Conformant Probabilistic Planning with Stochastic Actions PDF
Ran Taig, Ronen I. Brafman
Global Heuristics for Distributed Cooperative Multi-Agent Planning PDF
Alejandro Torreño, Óscar Sapena, Eva Onaindia
Speeding-Up Any-Angle Path-Planning on Grids PDF
Tansel Uras, Sven Koenig
Identifying and Exploiting Features for Effective Plan Retrieval in Case-Based Planning PDF
Mauro Vallati, Ivan Serina, Alessandro Saetti, Alfonso Emilio Gerevini
Understanding and Improving Local Exploration for GBFS PDF
Fan Xie, Martin Müller, Robert Holte
PLEASE: Palm Leaf Search for POMDPs with Large Observation Spaces PDF
Zongzhang Zhang, David Hsu, Wee Sun Lee, Zhan Wei Lim, Aijun Bai

Novel Applications of Automated Planning and Scheduling

An Online Replanning Approach for Crop Fields Mapping with Autonomous UAVs PDF
Alexandre Albore, Nathalie Peyrard, Régis Sabbadin, Florent Teichteil Königsbuch
Contingent versus Deterministic Plans in Multi-Modal Journey Planning PDF
Adi Botea, Stefano Braghin
Ground and Onboard Decision-Making on Satellite Data Downloads PDF
Adrien Maillard, Cédric Pralet, Jean Jaubert, Isabelle Sebbag, Frédéric Fontanari, Julien L'Hermitte
Planning-Based Reasoning for Automated Large-Scale Data Analysis PDF
Anton V. Riabov, Shirin Sohrabi, Daby Sow, Deepak Turaga, Octavian Udrea, Long Vu
Heuristic Search and Receding-Horizon Planning in Complex Spacecraft Orbit Domains PDF
David Allen Surovik, Daniel J Scheeres
In-silico Behavior Discovery System: An Application of Planning in Ethology PDF
Haibo Wang, Hanna Kurniawati, Surya Singh, Mandyam Srinivasan

Planning and Scheduling in Robotics

Goal-Based Action Priors PDF
David Abel, David Ellis Hershkowitz, Gabriel Barth-Maron, Stephen Brawner, Kevin O'Farrell, James MacGlashan, Stefanie Tellex
Mixed-Initiative Planning and Execution for Multiple Drones in Search and Rescue Missions PDF
Giuseppe Bevacqua, Jonathan Cacace, Alberto Finzi, Vincenzo Lippiello
Complete Decentralized Method for On-Line Multi-Robot Trajectory Planning in Well-formed Infrastructures PDF
Michal Čáp, Jiří Vokřínek, Alexander Kleiner
ROSPlan: Planning in the Robot Operating System PDF
Michael Cashmore, Maria Fox, Derek Long, Daniele Magazzeni, Bram Ridder, Arnau Carrera, Narcis Palomeras, Natalia Hurtos, Marc Carreras
Robust Execution of Plans for Human-Robot Teams PDF
Erez Karpas, Steven J Levine, Peng Yu, Brian C Williams
Multi-UAV Monitoring with Priorities and Limited Energy Resources PDF
Vera Mersheeva, Gerhard Friedrich

Invited Talks

Simulated Penetration Testing: From "Dijkstra" to "Turing Test++" PDF
Joerg Hoffmann
Improving the Design and Discovery of Dynamic Treatment Strategies Using Recent Results in Sequential Decision-Making PDF
Joelle Pineau

Journal Presentations

Journal Track Paper Abstracts PDF
Joerg Hoffmann, Alan Fern
Policy Evaluation with Temporal Differences: A Survey and Comparison (Extended Abstract) PDF
Christoph Dann, Gerhard Neumann, Jan Peters
Interactive Relational Reinforcement Learning of Concept Semantics (Extended Abstract) PDF
Matthias Nickles, Achim Rettinger