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Artificial Intelligence and the Web

Building Contextual Anchor Text Representation using Graph Regularization PDF
Na Dai
Improved Convergence of Iterative Ontology Alignment using Block-Coordinate Descent PDF
Uthayasanker Thayasivam, Prashant Doshi

Cognitive Systems

A Multi-Domain Evaluation of Scaling in a General Episodic Memory PDF
Nate Derbinsky, Justin Li, John Laird
Functional Interactions Between Memory and Recognition Judgments PDF
Justin Li, Nate Derbinsky, John Laird

Computational Sustainability and Artificial Intelligence

A Novel and Scalable Spatio-Temporal Technique for Ocean Eddy Monitoring PDF
James H. Faghmous, Yashu Chamber, Shyam Boriah, Frode Vikebø, Stefan Liess, Michel dos Santos Mesquita, Vipin Kumar
Sustaining Economic Exploitation of Complex Ecosystems in Computational Models of Coupled Human-Natural Networks PDF
Neo D. Martinez, Perrine Tonnin, Barbara Bauer, Rosalyn C. Rael, Rahul Singh, Sangyuk Yoon, Ilmi Yoon, Jennifer A. Dunne
Prediction and Fault Detection of Environmental Signals with Uncharacterised Faults PDF
Michael Alan Osborne, Roman Garnett, Kevin Swersky, Nando de Freitas

Constraints, Satisfiability, and Search

Filtering Decomposable Global Cost Functions PDF
David Allouche, Christian Bessiere, Patrice Boizumault, Simon de Givry, Patricia Gutierrez, Samir Loudni, Jean-Philippe MĂ©tivier, Thomas Schiex
DUCT: An Upper Confidence Bound Approach to Distributed Constraint Optimization Problems PDF
Brammert Ottens, Christos Dimitrakakis, Boi Faltings
Trap Avoidance in Local Search Using Pseudo-Conflict Learning PDF
Duc Nghia Pham, Thach-Thao Duong, Abdul Sattar

Knowledge-Based Information Systems

Low-Rank Matrix Recovery via Efficient Schatten p-Norm Minimization PDF
Feiping Nie, Heng Huang, Chris Ding

Knowledge Representation and Reasoning

Ontology-Based Data Access with Dynamic TBoxes in DL-Lite PDF
Floriana Di Pinto, Giuseppe De Giacomo, Maurizio Lenzerini, Riccardo Rosati
Basing Decisions on Sentences in Decision Diagrams PDF
Yexiang Xue, Arthur Choi, Adnan Darwiche

Machine Learning

Adaptive Step-Size for Online Temporal Difference Learning PDF
William Dabney, Andrew G Barto
Clustering Documents Along Multiple Dimensions PDF
Sajib Dasgupta, Richard M. Golden, Vincent Ng
TD-DeltaPi: A Model-Free Algorithm for Efficient Exploration PDF
Bruno C. da Silva, Andrew G. Barto
Convex Kernelized Sorting PDF
Nemanja Djuric, Mihajlo Grbovic, Slobodan Vucetic
Sparse Principal Component Analysis with Constraints PDF
Mihajlo Grbovic, Christopher Roger Dance, Slobodan Vucetic
Transfer Learning with Graph Co-Regularization PDF
Mingsheng Long, Jianmin Wang, Guiguang Ding, Dou Shen, Qiang Yang
Markov Network Structure Learning: A Randomized Feature Generation Approach PDF
Jan Van Haaren, Jesse Davis

Multiagent Systems

Housing Markets with Indifferences: A Tale of Two Mechanisms PDF
Haris Aziz, Bart de Keijzer
Eliminating the Weakest Link: Making Manipulation Intractable? PDF
Jessica Davies, Nina Narodytska, Toby Walsh
Dynamic Matching via Weighted Myopia with Application to Kidney Exchange PDF
John P. Dickerson, Ariel D. Procaccia, Tuomas Sandholm
Optimizing Payments in Dominant-Strategy Mechanisms for Multi-Parameter Domains PDF
Lachlan Thomas Dufton, Victor Naroditskiy, Maria Polukarov, Nicholas R. Jennings

Multidisciplinary Topics

Three Controversial Hypotheses Concerning Computation in the Primate Cortex PDF
Thomas Dean, Greg S. Corrado, Jonathon Shlens

Reasoning about Plans, Processes, and Actions

A Distributed Approach to Summarizing Spaces of Multiagent Schedules PDF
James Calvin Boerkoel Jr., Edmund H. Durfee

Reasoning Under Uncertainty

Exact Lifted Inference with Distinct Soft Evidence on Every Object PDF
Hung B. Bui, Tuyen N. Huynh, Rodrigo de Salvo Braz
Approximating the Sum Operation for Marginal-MAP Inference PDF
Qiang Cheng, Feng Chen, Jianwu Dong, Wenli Xu, Alexander Ihler
Search Algorithms for m Best Solutions for Graphical Models PDF
Rina Dechter, Natalia Flerova, Radu Marinescu
A Tractable First-Order Probabilistic Logic PDF
Pedro Domingos, William Austin Webb
Modeling Context Aware Dynamic Trust Using Hidden Markov Model PDF
Xin Liu, Anwitaman Datta
Conditioning in First-Order Knowledge Compilation and Lifted Probabilistic Inference PDF
Guy Van den Broeck, Jesse Davis


Efficient Optimization of Control Libraries PDF
Debadeepta Dey, Tian Yu Liu, Boris Sofman, James Andrew Bagnell


PROTECT: An Application of Computational Game Theory for the Security of the Ports of the United States PDF
Eric Anyung Shieh, Bo An, Rong Yang, Milind Tambe, Craig Baldwin, Joseph DiRenzo, Ben Maule, Garrett Meyer

Student Abstracts

Exploiting Shared Resource Dependencies in Spectrum Based Plan Diagnosis PDF
Shekhar Gupta, Nico Roos, Cees Witteveen, Bob Price, Johan DeKleer
Threats and Trade-Offs in Resource Critical Crowdsourcing Tasks Over Networks PDF
Swaprava Nath, Pankaj Dayama, Dinesh Garg, Y. Narahari, James Zou