Presentations and Authors

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Computational Sustainability and Artificial Intelligence

Coupling Spatiotemporal Disease Modeling with Diagnosis PDF
Martin Gordon Mubangizi, Caterine Ikae, Athina Spiliopoulou, John A. Quinn

Constraints, Satisfiability, and Search

Filtering Algorithms Based on the Word-RAM Model PDF
Philippe Van Kessel, Claude-Guy Quimper

Knowledge Representation and Reasoning

Conflict-Based Belief Revision Operators in Possibilistic Logic PDF
Guilin Qi, Kewen Wang

Machine Learning

Sequence Labeling with Non-Negative Weighted Higher Order Features PDF
Xian Qian, Yang Liu


Searching for Optimal Off-Line Exploration Paths in Grid Environments for a Robot with Limited Visibility PDF
Alberto Quattrini Li, Francesco Amigoni, Nicola Basilico

Student Abstracts

A New Operator for ABox Revision in DL-Lite PDF
Sibei Gao, Guilin Qi, Haofen Wang
Large Scale Temporal RDFS Reasoning Using MapReduce PDF
Chang Liu, Guilin Qi, Yong Yu