Presentations and Authors

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Artificial Intelligence and the Web

Fused Matrix Factorization with Geographical and Social Influence in Location-Based Social Networks PDF
Chen Cheng, Haiqin Yang, Irwin King, Michael R. Lyu
A Mouse-Trajectory Based Model for Predicting Query-URL Relevance PDF
Song Hengjie, Ruoxue Liao, Xiangliang Zhang, Chunyan Miao, Qiang Yang
Discovering Spammers in Social Networks PDF
Yin Zhu, Xiao Wang, Erheng Zhong, Nathan N. Liu, He Li, Qiang Yang

Computational Sustainability and Artificial Intelligence

Sustaining Economic Exploitation of Complex Ecosystems in Computational Models of Coupled Human-Natural Networks PDF
Neo D. Martinez, Perrine Tonnin, Barbara Bauer, Rosalyn C. Rael, Rahul Singh, Sangyuk Yoon, Ilmi Yoon, Jennifer A. Dunne
An Efficient Simulation-Based Approach to Ambulance Fleet Allocation and Dynamic Redeployment PDF
Yisong Yue, Lavanya Marla, Ramayya Krishnan

Knowledge-Based Information Systems

Transfer Learning in Collaborative Filtering with Uncertain Ratings PDF
Weike Pan, Evan W. Xiang, Qiang Yang

Knowledge Representation and Reasoning

A Well-Founded Semantics for Basic Logic Programs with Arbitrary Abstract Constraint Atoms PDF
Yisong Wang, Fangzhen Lin, Mingyi Zhang, Jia-Huai You

Machine Learning

Sparse Probabilistic Relational Projection PDF
Wu-Jun Li, Dit-Yan Yeung
Unsupervised Feature Selection Using Nonnegative Spectral Analysis PDF
Zechao Li, Yi Yang, Jing Liu, Xiaofang Zhou, Hanqing Lu
Transfer Learning with Graph Co-Regularization PDF
Mingsheng Long, Jianmin Wang, Guiguang Ding, Dou Shen, Qiang Yang
Online Kernel Selection: Algorithms and Evaluations PDF
Tianbao Yang, Mehrdad Mahdavi, Rong Jin, Jinfeng Yi, Steven C.H. Hoi
Pairwise Exemplar Clustering PDF
Yingzhen Yang, Xinqi Chu, Feng Liang, Thomas S. Huang
Approximate Policy Iteration with Linear Action Models PDF
Hengshuai Yao, Csaba Szepesvari
Supervised Probabilistic Robust Embedding with Sparse Noise PDF
Yu Zhang, Dit-Yan Yeung, Eric P. Xing

Multiagent Systems

Sample Bounded Distributed Reinforcement Learning for Decentralized POMDPs PDF
Bikramjit Banerjee, Jeremy Lyle, Landon Kraemer, Rajesh Yellamraju
Optimal Proportional Cake Cutting with Connected Pieces PDF
Xiaohui Bei, Ning Chen, Xia Hua, Biaoshuai Tao, Endong Yang

Natural-Language Processing

Sembler: Ensembling Crowd Sequential Labeling for Improved Quality PDF
Xian Wu, Wei Fan, Yong Yu
Similarity Is Not Entailment — Jointly Learning Similarity Transformation for Textual Entailment PDF
Ken-ichi Yokote, Danushka Bollegala, Mitsuru Ishizuka


PROTECT: An Application of Computational Game Theory for the Security of the Ports of the United States PDF
Eric Anyung Shieh, Bo An, Rong Yang, Milind Tambe, Craig Baldwin, Joseph DiRenzo, Ben Maule, Garrett Meyer

Student Abstracts

Recommending Related Microblogs: A Comparison Between Topic and WordNet based Approaches PDF
Xing Chen, Lin Li, Guandong Xu, Zhenglu Yang, Masaru Kitsuregawa
Large Scale Temporal RDFS Reasoning Using MapReduce PDF
Chang Liu, Guilin Qi, Yong Yu