Presentations and Authors

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Artificial Intelligence and the Web

A Mouse-Trajectory Based Model for Predicting Query-URL Relevance PDF
Song Hengjie, Ruoxue Liao, Xiangliang Zhang, Chunyan Miao, Qiang Yang
Ontological Smoothing for Relation Extraction with Minimal Supervision PDF
Congle Zhang, Raphael Hoffmann, Daniel Sabey Weld
A Data-Driven Approach to Question Subjectivity Identification in Community Question Answering PDF
Tom Chao Zhou, Xiance Si, Edward Y. Chang, Irwin King, Michael R. Lyu
Discovering Spammers in Social Networks PDF
Yin Zhu, Xiao Wang, Erheng Zhong, Nathan N. Liu, He Li, Qiang Yang
Towards Automated Choreographing of Web Services Using Planning PDF
Guobing Zou, Yixin Chen, You Xu, Ruoyun Huang, Yang Xiang

Computational Sustainability and Artificial Intelligence

Lagrangian Relaxation Techniques for Scalable Spatial Conservation Planning PDF
Akshat Kumar, Xiaojian Wu, Shlomo Zilberstein

Constraints, Satisfiability, and Search

Fast and Accurate Predictions of IDA*'s Performance PDF
Levi H. S. Lelis, Sandra Zilles, Robert C. Holte

Knowledge-Based Information Systems

Time-Critical Influence Maximization in Social Networks with Time-Delayed Diffusion Process PDF
Wei Chen, Wei Lu, Ning Zhang
Document Summarization Based on Data Reconstruction PDF
Zhanying He, Chun Chen, Jiajun Bu, Can Wang, Lijun Zhang, Deng Cai, Xiaofei He

Knowledge Representation and Reasoning

Ordered Completion for Logic Programs with Aggregates PDF
Vernon Asuncion, Yan Zhang, Yi Zhou
Probabilistic Alternating-Time Temporal Logic of Incomplete Information and Synchronous Perfect Recall PDF
Xiaowei Huang, Kaile Su, Chenyi Zhang
A Well-Founded Semantics for Basic Logic Programs with Arbitrary Abstract Constraint Atoms PDF
Yisong Wang, Fangzhen Lin, Mingyi Zhang, Jia-Huai You

Machine Learning

Efficient Multi-Stage Conjugate Gradient for Trust Region Step PDF
Pinghua Gong, Changshui Zhang
Multi-Label Learning by Exploiting Label Correlations Locally PDF
Sheng-Jun Huang, Zhi-Hua Zhou
Towards Discovering What Patterns Trigger What Labels PDF
Yu-Feng Li, Ju-Hua Hu, Yuang Jiang, Zhi-Hua Zhou
Unsupervised Feature Selection Using Nonnegative Spectral Analysis PDF
Zechao Li, Yi Yang, Jing Liu, Xiaofang Zhou, Hanqing Lu
Convex Matching Pursuit for Large-Scale Sparse Coding and Subset Selection PDF
Mingkui Tan, Ivor W. Tsang, Li Wang, Xinming Zhang
Colorization by Matrix Completion PDF
Shusen Wang, Zhihua Zhang
Efficient Online Learning for Large-Scale Sparse Kernel Logistic Regression PDF
Lijun Zhang, Rong Jin, Chun Chen, Jiajun Bu, Xiaofei He
Supervised Probabilistic Robust Embedding with Sparse Noise PDF
Yu Zhang, Dit-Yan Yeung, Eric P. Xing
Hierarchical Modeling with Tensor Inputs PDF
Yada Zhu, Jingrui He, Rick Lawrence

Multiagent Systems

Computing the Nucleolus of Matching, Cover and Clique Games PDF
Ning Chen, Pinyan Lu, Hongyang Zhang
Stability Via Convexity and LP Duality in OCF Games PDF
Yair Zick, Evangelos Markakis, Edith Elkind

Natural-Language Processing

Generating Chinese Classical Poems with Statistical Machine Translation Models PDF
Jing He, Ming Zhou, Long Jiang
Using First-Order Logic to Compress Sentences PDF
Minlie Huang, Xing Shi, Feng Jin, Xiaoyan Zhu
Opinion Target Extraction Using a Shallow Semantic Parsing Framework PDF
Shoushan Li, Rongyang Wang, Guodong Zhou
Collective Nominal Semantic Role Labeling for Tweets PDF
Xiaohua Liu, Zhongyang Fu, Furu Wei, Ming Zhou
Exacting Social Events for Tweets Using a Factor Graph PDF
Xiaohua Liu, Xiangyang Zhou, Zhongyang Fu, Furu Wei, Ming Zhou
Query-Oriented Multi-Document Summarization via Unsupervised Deep Learning PDF
Yan Liu, Sheng-hua Zhong, Wenjie Li
Generating Coherent Summaries with Textual Aspects PDF
Renxian Zhang, Wenjie Li, Dehong Gao

Reasoning about Plans, Processes, and Actions

Symbolic Dynamic Programming for Continuous State and Action MDPs PDF
Zahra Zamani, Scott Sanner, Cheng Fang
MAXSAT Heuristics for Cost Optimal Planning PDF
Lei Zhang, Fahiem Bacchus
Covering Number as a Complexity Measure for POMDP Planning and Learning PDF
Zongzhang Zhang, Michael Littman, Xiaoping Chen

Reasoning Under Uncertainty

Belief Functions on Distributive Lattices PDF
Chunlai Zhou

Student Abstracts

Temporally Expressive Planning Based on Answer Set Programming with Constraints PDF
Forrest Sheng Bao, Yuanlin Zhang
Active Learning from Oracle with Knowledge Blind Spot PDF
Meng Fang, Xingquan Zhu, Chengqi Zhang
Threats and Trade-Offs in Resource Critical Crowdsourcing Tasks Over Networks PDF
Swaprava Nath, Pankaj Dayama, Dinesh Garg, Y. Narahari, James Zou
Combining Probabilistic Planning and Logic Programming on Mobile Robots PDF
Shiqi Zhang, Forrest Sheng Bao, Mohan Sridharan
Matching State-Based Sequences with Rich Temporal Aspects PDF
Aihua Zheng, Jixin Ma, Jin Tang, Bin Luo