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Full Papers

Does Showing Off Help to Make Friends? Experimenting a Sociological Game on Self-Exhibition and Social Networks PDF
Christophe Aguiton, Dominique Cardon, Aymeric Castelain, Pierre Fremaux, Hélène Girard, Fabien Granjon, Charles Nepote, Zbigniew Smoreda, Dilara Trupia, Cezary Ziemlicki
RevRank: A Fully Unsupervised Algorithm for Selecting the Most Helpful Book Reviews PDF
Oren Tsur, Ari Rappoport

Poster Papers

Network Analysis of an Emergent Massively Collaborative Creation Community: How Can People Create Videos Collaboratively without Collaboration? PDF
Masahiro Hamasaki, Hideaki Takeda, Tom Hope, Takuichi Nishimura
Search in Social Tagging Systems Using Ontological User Profiles PDF
Andriy Shepitsen, Noriko Tomuro
Information Diffusion in Computer Science Citation Networks PDF
Xiaolin Shi, Belle Tseng, Lada Adamic
Salsa: Leveraging Email to Create a Social Network for the Enterprise PDF
Kristin Brooke Stecher, Scott Counts, Lili Cheng, Shane Williams, Andrzej Turski
Contextuality and Beyond: Investigating an Online Diary Corpus PDF
Laura Teddiman
A Comparative Analysis of Trust-Enhanced Recommenders for Controversial Items PDF
Patricia Victor, Chris Cornelis, Martine De Cock, Ankur M. Teredesai