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Preface PDF
John Breslin, James G. Shanahan, Nicole Ellison, Zeynep Tufekci

Full Papers

Privacy in Interaction: Exploring Disclosure and Social Capital in Facebook PDF
Frederic Stutzman, Jessica Vitak, Nicole B Ellison, Rebecca Gray, Cliff Lampe

Poster Papers

Enhancing Event Descriptions through Twitter Mining PDF
Hristo Tanev, Maud Ehrmann, Jakub Piskorski, Vanni Zavarella

Workshop on Social Media Visualization

Visualizing Information Diffusion and Polarization with Key Statements PDF
Andrew Salway, Nicholas Diakopoulos, Dag Elgesem

Workshop on When the City Meets the Citizen

#Londonsburning: Integrating Geographic, Topical and Social Information during Crisis PDF
Kimberly Glasgow, Alison Ebaugh, Clayton Fink