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Full Papers

Grief-Stricken in a Crowd: The Language of Bereavement and Distress in Social Media PDF
Jed R. Brubaker, Funda Kivran-Swaine, Lee Taber, Gillian R. Hayes
OMG, I Have to Tweet that! A Study of Factors that Influence Tweet Rates PDF
Emre Kıcıman
Event Diffusion Patterns in Social Media PDF
Minkyoung Kim, Lexing Xie, Peter Christen
Around the Water Cooler: Shared Discussion Topics and Contact Closeness in Social Search PDF
Saranga Komanduri, Lujun Fang, David Huffaker, Jessica Staddon
The Emergence of Conventions in Online Social Networks PDF
Farshad Kooti, Haeryun Yang, Meeyoung Cha, Krishna P. Gummadi, Winter A. Mason
Geographic Dissection of the Twitter Network PDF
Juhi Kulshrestha, Farshad Kooti, Ashkan Nikravesh, Krishna P. Gummadi
#bias: Measuring the Tweeting Behavior of Propagandists PDF
Cristian Lumezanu, Nick Feamster, Hans Klein
Don't Disturb My Circles! Boundary Preservation Is at the Center of Location-Sharing Concerns PDF
Xinru Page, Alfred Kobsa, Bart P. Knijnenburg
Evolution of Experts in Question Answering Communities PDF
Aditya Pal, Shuo Chang, Joseph A. Konstan
Managing Bad News in Social Media: A Case Study on Domino’s Pizza Crisis PDF
Jaram Park, Meeyoung Cha, Hoh Kim, Jaeseung Jeong
Facebook and Privacy: The Balancing Act of Personality, Gender, and Relationship Currency PDF
Daniele Quercia, Diego Las Casas, Joao Paulo Pesce, David Stillwell, Michal Kosinski, Virgilio Almeida, Jon Crowcroft
Modeling Spread of Disease from Social Interactions PDF
Adam Sadilek, Henry Kautz, Vincent Silenzio
The Length of Bridge Ties: Structural and Geographic Properties of Online Social Interactions PDF
Yana Volkovich, Salvatore Scellato, David Laniado, Cecilia Mascolo, Andreas Kaltenbrunner

Poster Papers

Network Sampling Designs for Relational Classification PDF
Nesreen K. Ahmed, Jennifer Neville, Ramana Kompella
What's in Your Tweets? I Know Who You Supported in the UK 2010 General Election PDF
Antoine Boutet, Hyoungshick Kim, Eiko Yoneki
Creating Stories: Social Curation of Twitter Messages PDF
Kevin Duh, Tsutomu Hirao, Akisato Kimura, Katsuhiko Ishiguro, Tomoharu Iwata, Ching-Man Au Yeung
Inferring Gender from the Content of Tweets: A Region Specific Example PDF
Clay Fink, Jonathon Kopecky, Maksym Morawski
Weblog Analysis for Predicting Correlations in Stock Price Evolutions PDF
Milad Kharratzadeh, Mark Coates
Do You Feel What I Feel? Social Aspects of Emotions in Twitter Conversations PDF
Suin Kim, JinYeong Bak, Alice Haeyun Oh
More of a Receiver Than a Giver: Why Do People Unfollow in Twitter? PDF
Haewoon Kwak, Sue Moon, Wonjae Lee
Narcotweets: Social Media in Wartime PDF
Andrés Monroy-Hernández, Emre Kiciman, Danah Boyd, Scott Counts
Tag Recommendation by Link Prediction Based on Supervised Machine Learning PDF
Manisha Pujari, Rushed Kanawati
Computational Predictors in Online Social Deliberations PDF
Beverly Park Woolf, Thomas Murray, Xiaoxi Xu, Leon Osterweil, Lori Clarke, Leah Wing, Ethan Katsh

Workshop on Real-Time Analysis and Mining of Social Streams

Aggregating Social Media for Enhancing Conference Experience PDF
Houda Khrouf, Ghislain Atemezing, Giuseppe Rizzo, Raphaël Troncy, Thomas Steiner

Workshop on Social Media Visualization

Visualization of the Public’s Opinion on Politically Influential Tweets PDF
Tanyoung Kim, Carl DiSalvo
Visualizing a Personal Timeline By Adding Multiple Social Contexts PDF
Haewoon Kwak, Yoonsung Hong, Jinyoung You, Sue Moon

Workshop on When the City Meets the Citizen

Empowering Civic Participation in the Policy Making Process through Social Media PDF
Robert Kleinfeld, Louay Bassbouss, Iosif Alvertis, George Gionis