Presentations and Authors

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Full Papers

SearchBuddies: Bringing Search Engines into the Conversation PDF
Brent Hecht, Jaime Teevan, Meredith Ringel Morris, Dan Liebling
The Emergence of Conventions in Online Social Networks PDF
Farshad Kooti, Haeryun Yang, Meeyoung Cha, Krishna P. Gummadi, Winter A. Mason
On the Study of Social Interactions in Twitter PDF
Sofus A. Macskassy
Crossing Media Streams with Sentiment: Domain Adaptation in Blogs, Reviews and Twitter PDF
Yelena Mejova, Padmini Srinivasan
Have You Heard?: How Gossip Flows Through Workplace Email PDF
Tanushree Mitra, Eric Gilbert
Hiding in Plain Sight: A Tale of Trust and Mistrust inside a Community of Citizen Reporters PDF
Eni Mustafaraj, Panagiotis Metaxas, Samantha Finn, Andres Monroy-Hernandez
The Length of Bridge Ties: Structural and Geographic Properties of Online Social Interactions PDF
Yana Volkovich, Salvatore Scellato, David Laniado, Cecilia Mascolo, Andreas Kaltenbrunner

Poster Papers

Towards Analyzing Micro-Blogs for Detection and Classification of Real-Time Intentions PDF
Nilanjan Banerjee, Dipanjan Chakraborty, Anupam Joshi, Sumit Mittal, Angshu Rai, Balaraman Ravindran
Where Online Friends Meet: Social Communities in Location-Based Networks PDF
Chloë Brown, Vincenzo Nicosia, Salvatore Scellato, Anastasios Noulas, Cecilia Mascolo
Inferring Gender from the Content of Tweets: A Region Specific Example PDF
Clay Fink, Jonathon Kopecky, Maksym Morawski
Tweetin' in the Rain: Exploring Societal-Scale Effects of Weather on Mood PDF
Aniko Hannak, Eric Anderson, Lisa Feldman Barrett, Sune Lehmann, Alan Mislove, Mirek Riedewald
Semantic Social Networks Constructed by Topical Aspects of Conversations: An Explorative Study PDF
Jiyeon Jang, Jinhyuk Choi, Gwan Jang, Sung-Hyon Myaeng
More of a Receiver Than a Giver: Why Do People Unfollow in Twitter? PDF
Haewoon Kwak, Sue Moon, Wonjae Lee
A Study of "Churn" in Tweets and Real-Time Search Queries PDF
Jimmy Lin, Gilad Mishne
Where Is This Tweet From? Inferring Home Locations of Twitter Users PDF
Jalal Mahmud, Jeffrey Nichols, Clemens Drews
Narcotweets: Social Media in Wartime PDF
Andrés Monroy-Hernández, Emre Kiciman, Danah Boyd, Scott Counts
Evolutionary Clustering and Analysis of User Behaviour in Online Forums PDF
Donn Morrison, Ian McLoughlin, Alice Hogan, Conor Hayes
Conversation Practices and Network Structure in Twitter PDF
Luca Rossi, Matteo Magnani
Evaluating Real-Time Search over Tweets PDF
Dean McCullough, Jimmy Lin, Craig Macdonald, Iadh Ounis, Richard McCreadie
Stuff IBMers Say: Microblogs as an Expression of Organizational Culture PDF
Jennifer Thom, David R. Millen
Mixed Membership Models for Exploring User Roles in Online Fora PDF
Arthur J. White, Jeffrey Chan, Conor Hayes, Brendan Murphy
Computational Predictors in Online Social Deliberations PDF
Beverly Park Woolf, Thomas Murray, Xiaoxi Xu, Leon Osterweil, Lori Clarke, Leah Wing, Ethan Katsh

Demo Papers

Frankenplace: An Application for Similarity-Based Place Search PDF
Benjamin Adams, Grant McKenzie
Definition and Multi-Dimensional Comparative Analysis of Ad Hoc Communities in Twitter PDF
Sofus A. Macskassy

Workshop on Real-Time Analysis and Mining of Social Streams

SMILE: An Informality Classification Tool for Helping to Assess Quality and Credibility in Web 2.0 Texts PDF
Alejandro Mosquera, Paloma Moreda
Unsupervised Real-Time Company Name Disambiguation in Twitter PDF
Agustín D. Delgado Muñoz, Raquel Martínez Unanue, Alberto Pérez García-Plaza, Víctor Fresno

Workshop on Social Media Visualization

Web-Based Visual Analytics for Social Media PDF
Daniel M. Best, Joseph Bruce, Scott Dowson, Oriana Love, Liam McGrath
Visualizing a Personal Timeline By Adding Multiple Social Contexts PDF
Haewoon Kwak, Yoonsung Hong, Jinyoung You, Sue Moon
Cultural Analytics of Large Datasets from Flickr PDF
Daniela Ushizima, Lev Manovich, Todd Margolis, Jeremy Douglas

Workshop on When the City Meets the Citizen

FoodMood: Measuring Global Food Sentiment One Tweet at a Time PDF
Natalie Dixon, Bruno Jakic, Roderick Lagerweij, Mark Mooij, Ekaterina Yudin
Mapping Community Engagement with Urban Crowd-Sourcing PDF
Desislava Hristova, Afra Mashhadi, Giovanni Quattrone, Licia Capra