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Full Papers

The Social World of Twitter: Topics, Geography, and Emotions PDF
Daniele Quercia, Licia Capra, Jon Crowcroft
Facebook and Privacy: The Balancing Act of Personality, Gender, and Relationship Currency PDF
Daniele Quercia, Diego Las Casas, Joao Paulo Pesce, David Stillwell, Michal Kosinski, Virgilio Almeida, Jon Crowcroft

Poster Papers

Talk of the City: Our Tweets, Our Community Happiness PDF
Daniele Quercia, Diarmuid O Seaghdha, Jon Crowcroft

Workshop on the Potential of Social Media Tools and Data for Journalists

Visualizing Media Bias through Twitter PDF
Jisun An, Meeyoung Cha, Krishna Gummadi, Jon Crowcroft, Daniele Quercia

Workshop on When the City Meets the Citizen

Mapping Community Engagement with Urban Crowd-Sourcing PDF
Desislava Hristova, Afra Mashhadi, Giovanni Quattrone, Licia Capra