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Preface PDF
John Breslin, James G. Shanahan, Nicole Ellison, Zeynep Tufekci

Full Papers

People Are Strange When You're a Stranger: Impact and Influence of Bots on Social Networks PDF
Luca Maria Aiello, Martina Deplano, Rossano Schifanella, Giancarlo Ruffo
Extracting Diverse Sentiment Expressions with Target-Dependent Polarity from Twitter PDF
Lu Chen, Wenbo Wang, Meenakshi Nagarajan, Shaojun Wang, Amit P. Sheth
The Livehoods Project: Utilizing Social Media to Understand the Dynamics of a City PDF
Justin Cranshaw, Raz Schwartz, Jason Hong, Norman Sadeh
War Versus Inspirational in Forrest Gump: Cultural Effects in Tagging Communities PDF
Zhenhua Dong, Chuan Shi, Shilad Sen, Loren Terveen, John Riedl
Who Does What on the Web: A Large-Scale Study of Browsing Behavior PDF
Sharad Goel, Jake M. Hofman, M. Irmak Sirer
What Were the Tweets About? Topical Associations between Public Events and Twitter Feeds PDF
Yuheng Hu, Ajita John, Dorée Duncan Seligmann, Fei Wang
Around the Water Cooler: Shared Discussion Topics and Contact Closeness in Social Search PDF
Saranga Komanduri, Lujun Fang, David Huffaker, Jessica Staddon
Crossing Media Streams with Sentiment: Domain Adaptation in Blogs, Reviews and Twitter PDF
Yelena Mejova, Padmini Srinivasan
Modeling Destructive Group Dynamics in On-Line Gaming Communities PDF
Akshay Patil, Juan Liu, Bob Price, Hossam Sharara, Oliver Brdiczka
Facebook and Privacy: The Balancing Act of Personality, Gender, and Relationship Currency PDF
Daniele Quercia, Diego Las Casas, Joao Paulo Pesce, David Stillwell, Michal Kosinski, Virgilio Almeida, Jon Crowcroft
Modeling Spread of Disease from Social Interactions PDF
Adam Sadilek, Henry Kautz, Vincent Silenzio
Privacy in Interaction: Exploring Disclosure and Social Capital in Facebook PDF
Frederic Stutzman, Jessica Vitak, Nicole B Ellison, Rebecca Gray, Cliff Lampe
The Length of Bridge Ties: Structural and Geographic Properties of Online Social Interactions PDF
Yana Volkovich, Salvatore Scellato, David Laniado, Cecilia Mascolo, Andreas Kaltenbrunner

Poster Papers

Catching the Long-Tail: Extracting Local News Events from Twitter PDF
Puneet Agarwal, Rajgopal Vaithiyanathan, Saurabh Sharma, Gautam Shroff
More or Less: Amount of Personal Information Displayed in Social Network Site Profiles and Its Impact on Viewers’ Intentions to Socialize with the Profile Owner PDF
Lemi Baruh, Yoram Chisik, Christophe Bisson, Basak Senova
An Evaluation of the Role of Sentiment in Second Screen Microblog Search Tasks PDF
Adam Bermingham, Alan F Smeaton
Where Online Friends Meet: Social Communities in Location-Based Networks PDF
Chloë Brown, Vincenzo Nicosia, Salvatore Scellato, Anastasios Noulas, Cecilia Mascolo
Impact and Diffusion of Sentiment in Political Communication – An Empirical Analysis of Political Weblogs PDF
Linh Dang-Xuan, Stefan Stieglitz
Epidemic Intelligence for the Crowd, by the Crowd PDF
Ernesto Diaz-Aviles, Avaré Stewart, Edward Velasco, Kerstin Denecke, Wolfgang Nejdl
De-Layering Social Networks by Shared Tastes of Friendships PDF
Laura Dietz, Ben Gamari, John Guiver, Edward Snelson, Ralf Herbrich
Understanding Actionable Knowledge in Social Media: BBC Question Time and Twitter, a Case Study PDF
Maria Angela Angela Ferrario, Will Simm, Jon Whittle, Paul Rayson, Maria Terzi, Jane Binner
Analysis of Elderly Persons’ Social Network: Need for an Appropriate Online Platform PDF
Tobias Fritsch, Frederick Steinke, Daniel Brem
Using Group Membership Markers for Group Identification PDF
Jean Mark Gawron, Dipak Gupta, Kellen Stephens, Ming-Hsiang Tsou, Brian Spitzberg, Li An
Emotional Divergence Influences Information Spreading in Twitter PDF
Rene Pfitzner, Antonios Garas, Frank Schweitzer
Finding Influential Authors in Brand-Page Communities PDF
Hemant Purohit, Jitendra Ajmera, Sachindra Joshi, Ashish Verma, Amit Sheth
How To Tell Head From Tail in User-Generated Content Corpora PDF
Nishanth Ramakrishna Sastry
Social Network Sites: Indispensable or Optional Social Tools? PDF
Irina Alex Shklovski
Factors Affecting End-User Satisfaction on Facebook PDF
Christopher Sibona, Jae Hoon Choi
Filtering Noisy Web Data by Identifying and Leveraging Users' Contributions PDF
Alina Mihaela Stoica
What Catches Your Attention? An Empirical Study of Attention Patterns in Community Forums PDF
Claudia Wagner, Matthew Rowe, Markus Strohmaier, Harith Alani

Workshop on Real-Time Analysis and Mining of Social Streams

Using Complex Event Processing for Modeling Semantic Requests in Real-Time Social Media Monitoring PDF
Dominik Riemer, Ljiljana Stojanovic, Nenad Stojanovic
Hybrid Browser / Server Collection of Streaming Social Media Data for Scalable Real-Time Analysis PDF
Lance Reagan Vick, Titus Soporan, Daniel Robert Lewis, Jane Brooks Zurn
Aggregating Social Media for Enhancing Conference Experience PDF
Houda Khrouf, Ghislain Atemezing, Giuseppe Rizzo, Raphaël Troncy, Thomas Steiner
Trendminer: An Architecture for Real Time Analysis of Social Media Text PDF
Daniel Preotiuc-Pietro, Sina Samangooei, Trevor Cohn, Nicholas Gibbins, Mahesan Niranjan

Workshop on Social Media Visualization

Visualizing Instagram: Tracing Cultural Visual Rhythms PDF
Nadav Hochman, Raz Schwartz
Visualizing Information Diffusion and Polarization with Key Statements PDF
Andrew Salway, Nicholas Diakopoulos, Dag Elgesem

Workshop on the Potential of Social Media Tools and Data for Journalists

Organizers PDF
Jochen Spangenberg
Workshop Mission PDF
Jochen Spangenberg

Workshop on When the City Meets the Citizen

Feasibility Study on Detection of Transportation Information Exploiting Twitter as a Sensor PDF
Kenta Sasaki, Shinichi Nagano, Koji Ueno, Kenta Cho
OurCity: Understanding How Visualization and Aggregation of User-Generated Content Can Engage Citizens in Community Participation PDF
Will Simm, Jon Whittle, Adam Nieman, Anna Portman, John Sibbald
Social Media and Citizen Engagement in a City-State: A Study of Singapore PDF
Marko M. Skoric, Ji Pan, Nathaniel D Poor