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Full Papers

Extracting Diverse Sentiment Expressions with Target-Dependent Polarity from Twitter PDF
Lu Chen, Wenbo Wang, Meenakshi Nagarajan, Shaojun Wang, Amit P. Sheth
Defense Mechanism or Socialization Tactic? Improving Wikipedia’s Notifications to Rejected Contributors PDF
R. Stuart Geiger, Aaron Halfaker, Maryana Pinchuk, Steven Walling
What Were the Tweets About? Topical Associations between Public Events and Twitter Feeds PDF
Yuheng Hu, Ajita John, Dorée Duncan Seligmann, Fei Wang
The YouTube Social Network PDF
Mirjam Wattenhofer, Roger Wattenhofer, Zack Zhu
Automatic Versus Human Navigation in Information Networks PDF
Robert West, Jure Leskovec

Poster Papers

Understanding Actionable Knowledge in Social Media: BBC Question Time and Twitter, a Case Study PDF
Maria Angela Angela Ferrario, Will Simm, Jon Whittle, Paul Rayson, Maria Terzi, Jane Binner
Tracking Sentiment and Topic Dynamics from Social Media PDF
Yulan He, Chenghua Lin, Wei Gao, Kam-Fai Wong
Opinion Retrieval in Twitter PDF
Zhunchen Luo, Miles Osborne, Ting Wang
Trust Propagation with Mixed-Effects Models PDF
Jan Overgoor, Ellery Wulczyn, Christopher Potts
Differences in Language and Style Between Two Social Media Communities PDF
Cecile Laurence Paris, Paul Thomas, Stephen Wan
What Catches Your Attention? An Empirical Study of Attention Patterns in Community Forums PDF
Claudia Wagner, Matthew Rowe, Markus Strohmaier, Harith Alani
Mixed Membership Models for Exploring User Roles in Online Fora PDF
Arthur J. White, Jeffrey Chan, Conor Hayes, Brendan Murphy
Computational Predictors in Online Social Deliberations PDF
Beverly Park Woolf, Thomas Murray, Xiaoxi Xu, Leon Osterweil, Lori Clarke, Leah Wing, Ethan Katsh
A Supervised Approach to Predict Company Acquisition with Factual and Topic Features Using Profiles and News Articles on TechCrunch PDF
Guang Xiang, Zeyu Zheng, Miaomiao Wen, Jason Hong, Carolyn Rose, Chao Liu

Workshop on When the City Meets the Citizen

OurCity: Understanding How Visualization and Aggregation of User-Generated Content Can Engage Citizens in Community Participation PDF
Will Simm, Jon Whittle, Adam Nieman, Anna Portman, John Sibbald