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Full Papers

To Thread or Not to Thread: The Impact of Conversation Threading on Online Discussion PDF
Pablo Aragón, Vicenç Gómez, Andreaks Kaltenbrunner
The Language of Social Support in Social Media and Its Effect on Suicidal Ideation Risk PDF
Munmun De Choudhury, Emre Kiciman
“Be Careful; Things Can Be Worse than They Appear”: Understanding Biased Algorithms and Users’ Behavior Around Them in Rating Platforms PDF
Motahhare Eslami, Kristen Vaccaro, Karrie Karahalios, Kevin Hamilton
Kek, Cucks, and God Emperor Trump: A Measurement Study of 4chan’s Politically Incorrect Forum and Its Effects on the Web PDF
Gabriel Emile Hine, Jeremiah Onaolapo, Emiliano De Cristofaro, Nicolas Kourtellis, Ilias Leontiadis, Riginos Samaras, Gianluca Stringhini, Jeremy Blackburn
The Evolution and Consequences of Peer Producing Wikipedia's Rules PDF
Brian Keegan, Casey Fiesler
Spatio-Temporal Analysis of Reverted Wikipedia Edits PDF
Johannes Kiesel, Martin Potthast, Matthias Hagen, Benno Stein
Understanding Emoji Ambiguity in Context: The Role of Text in Emoji-Related Miscommunication PDF
Hannah Miller, Daniel Kluver, Jacob Thebault-Spieker, Loren Terveen, Brent Hecht
Tracing the Use of Practices Through Networks of Collaboration PDF
Rahmtin Rotabi, Cristian Danescu-Niculescu-Mizil, Jon Kleinberg
Wearing Many (Social) Hats: How Different Are Your Different Social Network Personae? PDF
Changtao Zhong, Hau-wen Chang, Dmytro Karamshuk, Dongwon Lee, Nishanth Sastry

Dataset Papers

Fashion Conversation Data on Instagram PDF
Yu-i Ha, Sejeong Kwon, Meeyoung Cha, Jungseock Joo

Poster Papers

What Gets Media Attention and How Media Attention Evolves Over Time: Large-Scale Empirical Evidence from 196 Countries PDF
Jisun An, Haewon Kwak
Ranking with Social Cues: Integrating Online Review Scores and Popularity Information PDF
Pantelis Pipergias Analytis, Alexia Delfino, Juliane Kämmer, Mehdi Moussaid, Thorsten Joachims
Behavioral Analysis of Review Fraud: Linking Malicious Crowdsourcing to Amazon and Beyond PDF
Parisa Kaghazgaran, James Caverlee, Majid Alfifi
How to Manipulate Social Media: Analyzing Political Astroturfing Using Ground Truth Data from South Korea PDF
Franziska B. Keller, David Schoch, Sebastian Stier, JungHwan Yang
US Presidential Election: What Engaged People on Facebook PDF
Milad Kharratzadeh, Deniz Ustebay
Face-to-BMI: Using Computer Vision to Infer Body Mass Index on Social Media PDF
Enes Kocabey, Mustafa Camurcu, Ferda Ofli, Yusuf Aytar, Javier Marin, Antonio Torralba, Ingmar Weber
From Camera to Deathbed: Understanding Dangerous Selfies on Social Media PDF
Hemank Lamba, Varun Bharadhwaj, Mayank Vachher, Divyansh Agarwal, Megha Arora, Niharika Sachdeva, Ponnurangam Kumaraguru
Language Use Matters: Analysis of the Linguistic Structure of Question Texts Can Characterize Answerability in Quora PDF
Suman Kalyan Maity, Aman Kharb, Animesh Mukherjee
Predicting Movie Genre Preferences from Personality and Values of Social Media Users PDF
Md. Saddam Hossain Mukta, Euna Mehnaz Khan, Mohammed Eunus Ali, Jalal Mahmud
Designing a Social Support System for College Adjustment and Social Support PDF
Donghee Yvette Wohn, Mousa Ahmadi, Leiping Gong, Indraneel Kulkarni, Atisha Poojari
Self-Disclosure and Channel Difference in Online Health Support Groups PDF
Diyi Yang, Zheng Yao, Robert Kraut
Twitter911: A Cautionary Tale PDF
Anis Zaman, Nabil Hossain, Henry Kautz

Demo Papers

Programming Languages in GitHub: A Visualization in Hyperbolic Plane PDF
Dorota Celińska, Eryk Kopczyński
CitizenHelper: A Streaming Analytics System to Mine Citizen and Web Data for Humanitarian Organizations PDF
Prakruthi Karuna, Mohammad Rana, Hemant Purohit

W7: News and Public Opinion

Data-Driven Approach to Measuring the Level of Press Freedom Using Media Attention Diversity from Unfiltered News PDF
Jisun An, Haewon Kwak