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Full Papers

Untangling Emoji Popularity Through Semantic Embeddings PDF
Wei Ai, Xuan Lu, Xuanzhe Liu, Ning Wang, Gang Huang, Qiaozhu Mei
Who Makes Trends? Understanding Demographic Biases in Crowdsourced Recommendations PDF
Abhijnan Chakraborty, Johnnatan Messias, Fabricio Benevenuto, Saptarshi Ghosh, Niloy Ganguly, Krishna P Gummadi
The Substantial Interdependence of Wikipedia and Google: A Case Study on the Relationship Between Peer Production Communities and Information Technologies PDF
Connor McMahon, Isaac Johnson, Brent Hecht
Understanding Emoji Ambiguity in Context: The Role of Text in Emoji-Related Miscommunication PDF
Hannah Miller, Daniel Kluver, Jacob Thebault-Spieker, Loren Terveen, Brent Hecht
Echo Chambers in Investment Discussion Boards PDF
Shiliang Tang, Qingyun Liu, Megan McQueen, Scott Counts, Apurv Jain, Haitao Zheng, Ben Y. Zhao
Online Human-Bot Interactions: Detection, Estimation, and Characterization PDF
Onur Varol, Emilio Ferrara, Clayton A. Davis, Filippo Menczer, Alessandro Flammini
Adaptive Spammer Detection with Sparse Group Modeling PDF
Liang Wu, Xia Hu, Fred Morstatter, Huan Liu
The Power of the Patient Voice: Learning Indicators of Treatment Adherence From An Online Breast Cancer Forum PDF
Zhijun Yin, Bradley Malin, Jeremy Warner, Pei-Yun Hsueh, Ching-Hua Chen

Poster Papers

Ranking with Social Cues: Integrating Online Review Scores and Popularity Information PDF
Pantelis Pipergias Analytis, Alexia Delfino, Juliane Kämmer, Mehdi Moussaid, Thorsten Joachims
25 Tweets to Know You: A New Model to Predict Personality with Social Media PDF
Pierre-Hadrien Arnoux, Anbang Xu, Neil Boyette, Jalal Mahmud, Rama Akkiraju, Vibha Sinha
Suitable for All Ages: Using Reviews to Determine Appropriateness of Products PDF
Elizabeth M. Daly, Oznur Alkan, Michael Muller
Automated Hate Speech Detection and the Problem of Offensive Language PDF
Thomas Davidson, Dana Warmsley, Michael Macy, Ingmar Weber
The Ebb and Flow of Controversial Debates on Social Media PDF
Kiran Garimella, Gianmarco De Francisci Morales, Aristides Gionis, Michael Mathioudakis
Antagonism Also Flows Through Retweets: The Impact of Out-of-Context Quotes in Opinion Polarization Analysis PDF
Pedro Calais Guerra, Roberto Nalon, Renato Assunção, Wagner Meira Jr.
Face-to-BMI: Using Computer Vision to Infer Body Mass Index on Social Media PDF
Enes Kocabey, Mustafa Camurcu, Ferda Ofli, Yusuf Aytar, Javier Marin, Antonio Torralba, Ingmar Weber
Fostering User Engagement: Rhetorical Devices for Applause Generation Learnt from TED Talks PDF
Zhe Liu, Anbang Xu, Mengdi Zhang, Jalal Mahmud, Vibha Sinha
A Computational Approach to Perceived Trustworthiness of Airbnb Host Profiles PDF
Xiao Ma, Trishala Neeraj, Mor Naaman
Detecting the Hate Code on Social Media PDF
Rijul Magu, Kshitij Joshi, Jiebo Luo
Language Use Matters: Analysis of the Linguistic Structure of Question Texts Can Characterize Answerability in Quora PDF
Suman Kalyan Maity, Aman Kharb, Animesh Mukherjee
The Role of Optimal Distinctiveness and Homophily in Online Dating PDF
Danaja Maldeniya, Arun Varghese, Toby Stuart, Daniel Romero
Two-Phase Influence Maximization in Social Networks with Seed Nodes and Referral Incentives PDF
Sneha Mondal, Swapnil Dhamal, Y. Narahari
Predicting Movie Genre Preferences from Personality and Values of Social Media Users PDF
Md. Saddam Hossain Mukta, Euna Mehnaz Khan, Mohammed Eunus Ali, Jalal Mahmud
Robust Classification of Crisis-Related Data on Social Networks Using Convolutional Neural Networks PDF
Dat Tien Nguyen, Kamela Ali Al Mannai, Shafiq Joty, Hassan Sajjad, Muhammad Imran, Prasenjit Mitra
Changes in Social Media Behavior During Life Periods of Uncertainty PDF
Xinru Page, Marco Marabelli
Headlines Matter: Using Headlines to Predict the Popularity of News Articles on Twitter and Facebook PDF
Alicja Piotrkowicz, Vania Dimitrova, Jahna Otterbacher, Katja Markert
Detecting Camouflaged Content Polluters PDF
Liang Wu, Xia Hu, Fred Morstatter, Huan Liu
Detecting Socio-Economic Impact of Cultural Investment Through Geo-Social Network Analysis PDF
Xiao Zhou, Desislava Hristova, Anastasios Noulas, Cecilia Mascolo

Demo Papers

Visualizing Health Awareness in the Middle East PDF
Matheus Lima Diniz Araujo, Yelena Mejova, Michael Aupetit, Ingmar Weber

W2: Observational Studies through Social Media

Estimating the Effect Of Exercising On Users’ Online Behavior PDF
Seyed Amin Mirlohi Falavarjani, Hawre Hosseini, Zeinab Noorian, Ebrahim Bagheri

W7: News and Public Opinion

News Media Coverage of Refugees in 2016: A GDELT Case Study PDF
Emina Boudemagh, Izabela Moise
The Impact of News Values and Linguistic Style on the Popularity of Headlines On Twitter and Facebook PDF
Alicja Piotrkowicz, Vania Dimitrova, Jahna Otterbacher, Katja Markert