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Full Papers

Untangling Emoji Popularity Through Semantic Embeddings PDF
Wei Ai, Xuan Lu, Xuanzhe Liu, Ning Wang, Gang Huang, Qiaozhu Mei
The Rich Get Richer? Limited Learning in Charitable Giving on PDF
Chankyung Pak, Rick Wash
Analysing Timelines of National Histories Across Wikipedia Editions: A Comparative Computational Approach PDF
Anna Samoilenko, Florian Lemmerich, Katrin Weller, Maria Zens, Markus Strohmaier
Which Size Matters? Effects of Crowd Size on Solution Quality in Big Data Q&A Communities PDF
Yla Tausczik, Ping Wang, Joohee Choi
Why Do Men Get More Attention? Exploring Factors Behind Success in An Online Design Community PDF
Johannes Wachs, Aniko Hannak, András Vörös, Bálint Daróczy
Armed Conflicts in Online News: A Multilingual Study PDF
Robert West, Jürgen Pfeffer
Adaptive Spammer Detection with Sparse Group Modeling PDF
Liang Wu, Xia Hu, Fred Morstatter, Huan Liu
The Power of the Patient Voice: Learning Indicators of Treatment Adherence From An Online Breast Cancer Forum PDF
Zhijun Yin, Bradley Malin, Jeremy Warner, Pei-Yun Hsueh, Ching-Hua Chen
Cold Hard E-Cash: Friends and Vendors in the Venmo Digital Payments System PDF
Xinyi Zhang, Shiliang Tang, Yun Zhao, Gang Wang, Haitao Zheng, Ben Y. Zhao

Dataset Papers

EmojiNet: An Open Service and API for Emoji Sense Discovery PDF
Sanjaya Wijeratne, Lakshika Balasuriya, Amit Sheth, Derek Doran

Poster Papers

'Just the Facts:' Exploring the Relationship Between Emotional Language and Member Satisfaction in Enterprise Online Communities PDF
Ryan James Compton, Jilin Chen, Eben Haber, Hernan Badenes, Steve Whittaker
Automated Hate Speech Detection and the Problem of Offensive Language PDF
Thomas Davidson, Dana Warmsley, Michael Macy, Ingmar Weber
A Long-Term Analysis of Polarization on Twitter PDF
Venkata Rama Kiran Garimella, Ingmar Weber
"Voters of the Year": 19 Voters Who Were Unintentional Election Poll Sensors on Twitter PDF
William Hobbs, Lisa Friedland, Kenneth Joseph, Oren Tsur, Stefan Wojcik, David Lazer
Face-to-BMI: Using Computer Vision to Infer Body Mass Index on Social Media PDF
Enes Kocabey, Mustafa Camurcu, Ferda Ofli, Yusuf Aytar, Javier Marin, Antonio Torralba, Ingmar Weber
Fertility and Its Meaning: Evidence from Search Behavior PDF
Jussi Ojala, Emilio Zagheni, Francesco Billari, Ingmar Weber
Designing a Social Support System for College Adjustment and Social Support PDF
Donghee Yvette Wohn, Mousa Ahmadi, Leiping Gong, Indraneel Kulkarni, Atisha Poojari
Early Identification of Personalized Trending Topics in Microblogging PDF
Liang Wu, Xia Hu, Huan Liu
Detecting Camouflaged Content Polluters PDF
Liang Wu, Xia Hu, Fred Morstatter, Huan Liu
A First Look at User Switching Behaviors Over Multiple Video Content Providers PDF
Huan Yan, Tzu-Heng Lin, Gang Wang, Yong Li, Haitao Zheng, Depeng Jin, Ben Zhao

Demo Papers

Visualizing Health Awareness in the Middle East PDF
Matheus Lima Diniz Araujo, Yelena Mejova, Michael Aupetit, Ingmar Weber

W7: News and Public Opinion

Tactics and Tallies: A Study of the 2016 U.S. Presidential Campaign Using Twitter 'Likes' PDF
Yu Wang, Xiyang Zhang, Jiebo Luo