Information For Authors

International Joint Conference on Artificial Intelligence

Information for Accepted Authors

If you received an acceptance letter from IJCAI-09 and you are the author responsible for submitting your paper for publication, you first need to register on our system. Please go to the registration page and choose a username and password.

Next, using mixed case, (upper and lower-case letters), the following information is required:

  • Your First Name
  • Your Last Name
  • Your Affiliation (if you are not affiliated with a company or university, put Independent Researcher) (Your affiliation should just be your University or Company — not your department or lab). Please don't abbreviate the affiliation.
  • Your e-mail address
  • The Country in which you live

Click the boxes:

  • Send me a confirmation email
  • Author: Able to submit items to the conference.

The other fields are optional. A bio statement would be your title and department, such as
Assistant Professor
Department of Computer Science

It is critically important that you complete this registration with care, as some of the information you provide will be used as the basis for the table of contents and index to the proceedings.


How to Submit Your Paper to AAAI

You must register at the AAAI OCS site (as outlined above) before proceeding.

Please be sure that your paper is formatted according to the formatting instructions. If you format your paper incorrectly, you will be required to reformat it and, in some cases may be required to pay a resubmission fee. The formatting instructions are available in the IJCAI09 Author Kit.

Third, you must sign the copyright form and mail it back to AAAI (445 Burgess Drive, Suite 100, Menlo Park, CA 94025 USA). A copy is in the author kit. If you prefer, you may scan the copyright form in and email it to You may also fax it to 650-321-4457. If you scan or fax the form, please note that you must also send the original via regular postal mail to AAAI.

Once you have formatted your paper, you need to submit two items:

  1. 1. Your PDF (the submission)
  2. 2. All your source files (either all the LaTeX files required to compile your paper on a different computer or your Word doc file) in a single compressed archive (this file is what you will submit as a Supplementary File).

Please ensure that your compressed archive decompresses into a directory that is your family name, so that we can readily identify it with you.

Now go to the submission site

Log in, choose Author, and click on Step One of the Submission Process

As you begin the submission process, please note that some items are critically important.

First, use Mixed Case. The information you provide will be used to compile the table of contents, so all the information you provide must be entered carefully and completely, and using Mixed Case. This includes, for example, your paper title. If you registered properly, your personal information will be entered automatically. Please review it, and be sure your country is included.

Second, include all the authors of your paper. You'll need to click the Add Author button to do this. Please include their country and affiliation. This information will be included in the index. If you omit an author, they won't get credit for the publication. You can change the author order using the small up and down arrows on the screen. The author order should correspond to the order the names appear on your formatted paper.

Third, submit your PDF as the submission, and don't forget to include your compressed archive as a Supplementary File. On the submission form, enter, in the title field for the supplementary file, enter your paper title followed by the words Compressed Archive. If you don't submit this archive, your submission will not be complete and we won't be able to proceed with publication of your paper.

Finally, at the last screen, click on Active Submissions to ensure that your submission is complete. You will receive a confirming e-mail.


What If You Find An Error in Your Paper After Submission?

If you find that you have made an error in your paper DO NOT create a new submission. Go back to the submission URL above, select the link to add a supplementary file, and upload a corrected archive containing a PDF of your paper and all its corrected source. It is extremely important that you upload both a corrected PDF and corrected source in this archive. In the title field, call the new archive "Corrected Archive." In the brief description, explain what is different about your paper (so we can identify the new paper from the old one if a question arises).

After you have uploaded the new archive and saved the screen, go back to the Summary Window and click on Review. Under Director Decision, Upload Author Version, upload your new PDF (it should also be included in your supplemental archive too). This will not replace your original submission, but it will create a PDF with a file number that is higher than that of your original file. We are automatically presented with the latest version. You should also click the e-mail icon and send a brief e-mail explaining that you have uploaded a new PDF and supplementary archive.


Submitting After April 14

If you discover an error in your paper after April 14, you must send us an e-mail explaining the problem. There is a short window of time in which we can replace papers. There will be a replacement paper fee to cover the costs of redoing work already completed and hand processing. This fee will escalate quickly after April 14 so do not delay!

If you have any questions, please contact us. Please remember to mail in your copyright form to AAAI (445 Burgess Drive, Suite 100, Menlo Park CA 94025). As a reminder, you or one of your coauthors must register for the conference.