AAAI Publications, Fourteenth International Conference on the Principles of Knowledge Representation and Reasoning

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Decidable Gödel Description Logics without the Finitely-Valued Model Property
Stefan Borgwardt, Felix Distel, Rafael Peñaloza

Last modified: 2014-05-04


In the last few years, there has been a large effort for analyzing the computational properties of reasoning in fuzzy description logics. This has led to a number of papers studying the complexity of these logics, depending on the chosen semantics. Surprisingly, despite being arguably the simplest form of fuzzy semantics, not much is known about the complexity of reasoning in fuzzy description logics w.r.t. witnessed models over the Gödel t-norm. We show that in the logic G-IALC, reasoning cannot be restricted to finitely-valued models in general. Despite this negative result, we also show that all the standard reasoning problems can be solved in exponential time, matching the complexity of reasoning in classical ALC.


Fuzzy Description Logics; Gödel Semantics; Consistency; Complexity; Finite Model Property

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