AAAI Publications, Fifteenth International Conference on the Principles of Knowledge Representation and Reasoning

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Discontinuity-Free Decision Support with Quantitative Argumentation Debates
Antonio Rago, Francesca Toni, Marco Aurisicchio, Pietro Baroni

Last modified: 2016-03-30


IBIS (Issue Based Information System) provides a widely adopted approach for knowledge representation especially suitable for the challenging task of representing wicked decision problems. While many tools for visualisation and collaborative development of IBIS graphs are available, automated decision support in this context is still underdeveloped, even though it would benefit several applications. QuAD (Quantitative Argumentation Debate) frameworks are a recently proposed IBIS-based formalism encompassing automated decision support by means of an algorithm for quantifying the strength of alternative decision options, based on aggregation of the strength of their attacking and supporting arguments. The initially proposed aggregation method, however, may give rise to discontinuities. In this paper we propose a novel, discontinuity-free algorithm for computing the strength of decision options in QuAD frameworks. We prove that this algorithm features several desirable properties and we compare the two aggregation methods, showing that both may be appropriate in the context of different application scenarios.


argumentation; decision-making; automatic evaluation; debates

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