AAAI Publications, 2012 AAAI Spring Symposium Series

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A Semantic Metadirectory of Services Based on Web Mining Techniques
José Ignacio Fernández-Villamor, Tilo Zemke, Carlos Ángel Iglesias, Mercedes Garijo

Last modified: 2012-03-23


In the current web, developers are able to create new applications by composing already existing services from third-party vendors. However, the vast amount of choices, technologies and repositories can make it a tedious task. This paper describes a semantic metadirectory of services that helps in the process of discovering services. We propose a semantic service discovery process and description of existing service repositories, such as Programmable Web and Yahoo Pipes, which are two service repositories which provide plenty of services that can be reused by developers to build new web applications. The challenges behind integrating these repositories involved the problems of defining a common model, identifying relevant data and integrating and ranking the extracted data.


services; semantics; categorization; ranking; social

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