AAAI Publications, 2014 AAAI Spring Symposium Series

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Concierge-Based Care Support System for Designing Your Own Lifestyle
Keiki Takadama

Last modified: 2014-03-22


This paper focuses on a care support of aged persons in a super aging society and proposes the concierge-based care support system that designs the appropriate lifestyle of aged persons for a comfortable and healthy life. For this purpose, this paper proposes the three types of agents, i.e., the sleep monitoring agent, the care plan design agent, and the care worker support agent. To provide the comfortable and healthy life for aged persons, the proposed system estimates the sleep stage of aged persons to evaluate it from the viewpoint of the deep and stable sleep. Such a daily evaluation can be done by storing dairy personal data as a big data and by converting them into meaningful knowledge (e.g., the heartbeat and body movement data of the personal big data are converted into the sleep stage in our system). Human subject experiments of our system introduced in the care house have revealed the following implications from the sleep viewpoint: (1) the sleep monitoring agent succeeds to estimate the sleep stage without connecting any devices to human’s body and its estimation accuracy is higher than 90% by allowing one stage difference; (2) the care plan design agent can design the care plan (i.e., rough schedules in a day) that provides nine years younger sleep in the healthy aged persons and seven years younger sleep in dementia persons; and (3) the care worker support agent can guess the way aged persons feel.

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