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Big Data Becomes Personal: Knowledge into Meaning

Committees PDF
Takashi Kido
Macroanalysis of Microblogs: An Empirical Study of Communication Strategies on Twitter During Disasters and Elections PDF
Yuuto Fukushima, Fumito Masui, Michal Ptaszynski, Yoko Nakajima, Keisuke Watanabe, Ryotaro Kawaishi, Taisei Nitta, Ryoya Sato
Personal Life Repository as a Distributed PDS and Its Dissemination Strategy for Healthcare Services PDF
Koiti Hasida
Big Data Made Personal PDF
Michael Hopmere, Jim Karkanias
Toward Emotional Well-Being: Staying Calm with ECG Feedback PDF
Ken Iwasaki, Carson Reynolds, Masatoshi Ishikawa
Know Thyself: Data Driven Self-Awareness for Understanding Our Unconsciousness Behaviors PDF
Takashi Kido, Melanie Swan
Gaze Pattern Analysis to Detect Manga Similarity PDF
Tetsuya Maeshiro, Saki Hayashi
Investigation of Future Reference Expressions in Trend Information PDF
Yoko Nakajima, Michal Ptaszynski, Hirotoshi Honma, Fumito Masui
Defining Patients with Depressive Disorder by Using Textual Information PDF
Tetsuaki Nakamura, Kay Kubo, Yasuyuki Usuda, Eiji Aramaki
Innovators Marketplace on Data Jackets for Externalizing the Value of Data via Stakeholders’ Requirement Communication PDF
Yukio Ohsawa, Chang Liu, Yoshitaka Suda, Hiroyuki Kido
Big Desire to Share Big Health Data: A Shift in Consumer Attitudes toward Personal Health Information PDF
K. Thomas Pickard, Melanie Swan
Understanding Ambulatory and Wearable Data for Health and Wellness PDF
Akane Sano, Rosalind W. Picard
A Proposal of a Care Worker Support System Using Structured Human Functioning Data PDF
Chikataka Sato, Jun Sawamoto, Eiji Sugino, Norihisa Segawa, Hiroshi Yajima, Manabu Kurosawa
Sleep Stage Estimation Using Synthesized Data of Heart Rate and Body Movement PDF
Yusuke Tajima, Masaya Nakata, Tomohiro Harada, Keiji Sato, Keiki Takadama
Concierge-Based Care Support System for Designing Your Own Lifestyle PDF
Keiki Takadama
Deep Belief Networks Used on High Resolution Multichannel Electroencephalography Data for Seizure Detection PDF
JT Turner, Adam Page, Tinoosh Mohsenin, Tim Oates
Predicting Preterm Birth Is Not Elusive: Machine Learning Paves the Way to Individual Wellness PDF
Ilia Vovsha, Ashwath Rajan, Ansaf Salleb-Aouissi, Anita Raja, Axinia Radeva, Hatim Diab, Ashish Tomar, Ronald Wapner
Design of a Digital Esperanto and Care of the Weak by the Interface — The Use of Standard Theory, Information Extraction from Big Data PDF
Yoshimi Watanabe
Designing Evolving Computer Agent Capable of Emotion Recognition and Expression PDF
Rahadian Yusuf, Shuyao Wang, Ivan Tanev, Katsunori Shimohara
Arresting Treatment Patterns for Individual Patients in Clinical Big Data: An Exploratory Procedure PDF
Mizuki Morita, Masanori Shiro, Shotaro Akaho, Hideki Asoh, Toshihiro Kamishima, Eiji Aramaki, Koiti Hasida, Takahide Kohro
The Effect of Health Data Visualization to Promote Healthy Behavior PDF
Satoshi Taniguchi, Daisuke Hachimura, Kenichi Ishinazaka, Toshihiro Tamaki, Shojiro Ishigaki, Noriko Matsuura, Naomi Adachi
Beat-by-Beat Getting Fit: Leveraging Pervasive Self-Tracking of Heart Rate in Self-Management of Health PDF
Katarzyna Wac

Formal Verification and Modeling in Human-Machine Systems

Committees PDF
Eric G. Mercer
Preface PDF
Eric G. Mercer, Michael A. Goodrich, Neha Rungta, Ellen J. Bass
A Look at Probabilistic Gaussian Process, Bayes Net, and Classifier Models for Prediction and Verification of Human Supervisory Performance PDF
Nisar Razzi Ahmed, Ewart de Visser, Tyler Shaw, Raja Parasuraman, Amira Mohammed-Amin, Mark Campbell
Explaining Verifier Traces with Explanation Based Learning PDF
Daniel Bryce
State Event Models for the Formal Analysis of Human-Machine Interactions PDF
Sébastien Combéfis, Charles Pecheur, Dimitra Giannakopoulou
Learning the Task Management Space of an Aircraft Approach Model PDF
Joseph Krall, Tim Menzies, Misty Davies
Fine Grain Modeling of Task Deviations for Assessing Qualitatively the Impact of Both System Failures and Human Error on Operator Performance PDF
Célia Martinie, Philipe Palanque
An Interaction Fit Analysis Technique and its Applications PDF
Christopher Allan Miller, Jeffrey Rye, Peggy Wu, Eric Engstrom
Formal Modelling of Output Multi-Modal HCI in Event-B: Modalities and Media Allocation PDF
Linda Mohand Oussaïd, Idir Ait-Sadoune, Yamine Ait-Ameur, Mohamed Ahmed-Nacer
Modeling Human Workload in Unmanned Aerial Systems PDF
J. J. Moore, R. Ivie, T. J. Gledhill, E. Mercer, M. A. Goodrich
Modeling Non-Functional Properties for Human-Machine Systems PDF
Arunkumar Ramaswamy, Bruno Monsuez, Adriana Tapus
Data-Driven Probabilistic Modeling and Verification of Human Driver Behavior PDF
Dorsa Sadigh, Katherine Driggs-Campbell, Alberto Puggelli, Wenchao Li, Victor Shia, Ruzena Bajcsy, Alberto Sangiovanni-Vincentelli, S. Shankar Sastry, Sanjit Seshia
Formal Verification of Safety-Critical User Interfaces: a space system case study PDF
Manuel Sousa, José Creissac Campos, Miriam Alves, Michael D Harrison
Towards a Cognitively-Based Analytic Model of Human Control of Swarms PDF
Seyed Behzad Tabibian, Michael Lewis, Christian Lebiere, Nilanjan Chakraborty, Katia Sycara, Stefano Bennati, Meeko Oishi
Formal Verification of an Autonomous Personal Robotic Assistant PDF
Matt Webster, Clare Dixon, Michael Fisher, Maha Salem, Joe Saunders, Kheng Lee Koay, Kerstin Dautenhahn
Verification of Human Driven Data-Centric Dynamic Systems PDF
Babak Bagheri Hariri, Diego Calvanese, Giuseppe De Giacomo, Alin Deutsch, Marco Montali
Work Representations for Evaluating and Modeling Human-Machine Systems PDF
Dorrit Billman
An Approach to Generating Human-Computer Interfaces from Task Models PDF
Matthew L. Bolton, Samaneh Ebrahimi
Work Practice Simulation of Complex Human-Automation Systems: The Brahms Generalized Überlingen Model PDF
William J. Clancey, Chin Seah, Charlotte Linde, Michael G. Shafto, Neha S. Rungta
Piecewise Affine Hybrid Automata Representation of a Multistage Fuzzy PID Controller PDF
Mathhew A Clark, Kuldip S. Rattan
Multiagent Flight Control in Dynamic Environments with Cooperative Coevolutionary Algorithms PDF
Mitchell Colby, Matt Knudson, Kagan Tumer
Formal Specification and Synthesis of Mission Plans for Unmanned Aerial Vehicles PDF
Laura R. Humphrey, Eric M. Wolff, Ufuk Topcu
A Methodology for Analyzing Human-Automation Interactions in Flight Operations Using Formal Verification Techniques PDF
Denis Javaux, Bertram Wortelen, Andreas Lüdtke, Charles Pecheur, Regina Peldszus, Sonja Sievi, Yuri Yushtein
Announced Strategy Types in Multiagent RL for Conflict-Avoidance in the National Airspace PDF
Carrie Rebhuhn, Matt Knudson, Kagan Tumer

Implementing Selves with Safe Motivational Systems and Self-Improvement

Symposium Chair PDF
Mark Waser
Incorporating Elements of a Processual Self into Active Logic PDF
Justin Brody, Michael T. Cox, Donald Perlis
The Maximally Distributed Intelligence Explosion PDF
Francesco Albert Bosco Cortese
Reinforcement Learning and the Reward Engineering Principle PDF
Daniel Dewey
Finding Faults in Autistic and Software Active Inductive Learning PDF
Boris Galitsky, Igor Shpitsberg
Euclidean Automata PDF
Andras Kornai
The Maverick Nanny with a Dopamine Drip: Debunking Fallacies in the Theory of AI Motivation PDF
Richard Patrick William Loosemore
Evaluation Schemes for Safe AGIs PDF
Deepak Justin Nath
Experience of Crowds as a Guarantee for Safe Artificial Self PDF
Rafal Rzepka, Kenji Araki
Implementing a Safe “Seed” Self PDF
Mark R. Waser
Evaluating Human Drives and Needs for a Safe Motivational System PDF
Morgan J. Waser

The Intersection of Robust Intelligence and Trust in Autonomous Systems

Organizers PDF
Jennifer Burke
Preface PDF
Jennifer Burke, Alan Wagner, Don Sofge, William F. Lawless
Enabling Robust Human-Robot Cooperation through Flexible Fully Bayesian Shared Sensing PDF
Nisar Razzi Ahmed, Rina Tse, Mark Campbell
Optimal Scheduling of Earth-Imaging Satellites with Human Collaboration via Directed Acyclic Graphs PDF
Sean Augenstein
A Multi-Vector Trust Framework for Autonomous Systems PDF
Andrew Benjamin Bolster, Alan Marshall
Identifying Factors that Influence Trust in Automated Cars and Medical Diagnosis Systems PDF
Michelle S. Carlson, Jill L. Drury, Munjal Desai, Hyangshim Kwak, Holly A. Yanco
Improving Trust in Automation of Social Promotion PDF
Boris Galitsky, Dmitri Ilvovsky, Nina Lebedeva, Daniel Usikov
Barriers to Robust and Effective Human-Agent Teamwork PDF
Fei Gao, Mary L. Cummings
Autonomy, Trust, and Transportation PDF
Andrew Lacher, Robert Grabowski, Stephen Cook
The Intersection of Robust Intelligence and Trust: Hybrid Teams, Firms, and Systems PDF
William Frere Lawless, Donald A. Sofge
Trust and Delegation: Achieving Robust Interactions with Subordinates PDF
Christopher Miller
Modeling Human-Robot Trust in Emergencies PDF
Paul Robinette, Alan R. Wagner, Ayanna M. Howard
Modeling and Control of Trust in Human and Robot Collaborative Manufacturing PDF
Behzad Sadrfaridpour, Hamed Saeidi, Yue Wang, Jenny Burke
Robust, Scalable Hybrid Decision Networks PDF
Jason Scholz, Ian William Dall, Don Gossink, Glen Smith, Darryn Reid
Towards Modeling the Behavior of Autonomous Systems and Humans for Trusted Operations PDF
Weiqing Gu, Ranjeev Mittu, Julie Marble, Gavin Taylor, Ciara Sibley, Joseph Coyne, William F. Lawless
Big Data Analytic Paradigms — From PCA to Deep Learning PDF
Barnabas K. Tannahill, Mo Jamshidi

Knowledge Representation and Reasoning in Robotics

Committees PDF
Mohan Sridharan
Preface PDF
Mohan Sridharan
A Logical Theory of Robot Localization PDF
Vaishak Belle, Hector Levesque
Towards a Theory of Intentional Agents PDF
Justin Lane Blount, Michael Gelfond, Marcello Balduccini
A Computational Focus For Robotics Education PDF
Zachary Dodds, Kristina Ming, Christopher Eriksen, Shih-Chieh Hsiung, Xin Huang, Zakkai Davidson
REACT! An Interactive Tool for Hybrid Planning in Robotics PDF
Zeynep Dogmus, Esra Erdem, Volkan Patoglu
Commonsense Abductive Reasoning and Metareasoning Using Knowledge from Bayesian Networks PDF
Joshua Eckroth, John R. Josephson
A First-Order Semantics for Golog and ConGolog under a Second-Order Induction Axiom on Situations PDF
Fangzhen Lin
Ontology-Based Cognitive System for Contextual Reasoning in Robot Architectures PDF
Alessandro Oltramari, Yuri Vinokurov, Christian Lebiere, Jean Oh, Anthony Stentz
Hybrid Reasoning for Teams of Heterogeneous Robots: Finding an Optimal Feasible Global Plan PDF
Zeynep G. Saribatur, Esra Erdeem, Volkan Patoglu
Using Common Sense Invariants in Belief Management for Autonomous Agents PDF
Gerald Steinbauer, Clemens Mühlbacher
Planning in Answer Set Programming while Learning Action Costs for Mobile Robots PDF
Fangkai Yang, Piyush Khandelwal, Matteo Leonetti, Peter Herald Stone
On the Decidability of Verifying LTL Properties of Golog Programs PDF
Benjamin Zarrieß, Jens Claßen
Reasoning on Robot Knowledge from Discrete and Asynchronous Observations PDF
Pouyan Ziafati, Yehia Elrakaiby, Marc van Zee, Mehdi Dastani, John-Jules Meyer, Leendert van der Torre, Holger Voos
An Approach for Scene Interpretation Using Qualitative Descriptors, Semantics and Domain Knowledge PDF
Zoe Falomir

Qualitative Representations for Robots

Committees PDF
Nick Hawes
Relational Approaches for Joint Object Classification and Scene Similarity Measurement in Indoor Environments PDF
Marina Alberti, John Folkesson, Patric Jensfelt
A Planner for Ambient Assisted Living: From High-Level Reasoning to Low-Level Robot Execution and Back PDF
Maurizio Di Rocco, Federico Pecora, Subhash Sathyakeerthy, Jasmin Grosinger, Alessandro Saffiotti, Manuele Bonaccorsi, Raffaele Limosani, Alessandro Manzi, Filippo Cavallo, Paolo Dario, Giancarlo Teti
A Probabilistic Model of Human-Robot Spatial Interaction Using a Qualitative Trajectory Calculus PDF
Christian Dondrup, Nicola Bellotto, Marc Hanheide
Grounding Language in Perception for Scene Conceptualization in Autonomous Robots PDF
Krishna Dubba, Miguel de Oliveira, Gi Hyun Lim, Hamidreza Kasaei, Luis Seabra Lopes, Ana Tomé, Anthony Cohn
A Qualitative Representation of Social Conventions for Application in Robotics PDF
Frank Dylla, Arne Kreutzmann, Diedrich Wolter
Towards a Similarity between Qualitative Image Descriptions for Comparing Real Scenes PDF
Zoe Falomir, Lledó Museros, Luis Gonzalez-Abril
Probabilistic Logic for Multi-Robot Event Recognition PDF
Jose Angelo Gurzoni Junior, Paulo Eduardo Santos, Murilo Fernandes Martins, Fabio Gagliardi Cozman
From Sequence to Trajectory and Vice Versa: Solving the Inverse QTC Problem and Coping with Real-World Trajectories PDF
Konstantinos Iliopoulos, Nicola Bellotto, Nikolaos Mavridis
Multi-Robot Human Guidance Using Topological Graphs PDF
Piyush Khandelwal, Peter Herald Stone
Planning Domain + Execution Semantics: A Way Towards Robust Execution? PDF
Štefan Konečný, Sebastian Stock, Federico Pecora, Alessandro Saffiotti
Bootstrapping Probabilistic Models of Qualitative Spatial Relations for Active Visual Object Search PDF
Lars Kunze, Chris Burbridge, Nick Hawes
Scene Interpretation for Self-Aware Cognitive Robots PDF
Melodi Deniz Ozturk, Mustafa Ersen, Melis Kapotoglu, Cagatay Koc, Sanem Sariel-Talay, Hulya Yalcin
Effects of Training Data Variation and Temporal Representation in a QSR-Based Action Prediction System PDF
Jay Young, Nick Hawes