AAAI Publications, 2015 AAAI Spring Symposium Series

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What’s the Game and Who’s Got the Ball? Genre in Spoken Interaction
Emer Gilmartin, Francesca Bonin, Loredana Cerrato, Carl Vogel, Nick Campbell

Last modified: 2015-03-13


Humans engage in an enormous range of interaction types. Therefore, there is a need to consider genre when analyzing or modeling multimodal interaction. While some low level mechanisms may follow universal patterns, it is also possible that even basic interaction mechanisms, such as turn-taking, vary with the type and parameters of different interactions such as mode, content, and goal. Greater insight is needed into the characteristics of different interaction types in order to automatically generate or analyze spoken interaction. More focused interaction models are needed to generate human-machine dialogue beyond simple task-based scenarios, and these models require suitable interaction data. We discuss genre in spoken interaction, outline the characteristics of casual conversation, review available data, and describe ongoing work exploring the dynamics of task-based and social dialogue, and of ‘chat’ and ‘chunk’ subtypes of casual conversation in particular.


turn-taking;spoken dialogue systems;hmi

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