AAAI Publications, 2016 AAAI Spring Symposium Series

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Dynamical Systems Modeling of Acoustic and Physiological Arousal in Young Couples
Theodora Chaspari, Sohyun C. Han, Daniel Bone, Adela C. Timmons, Laura Perrone, Gayla Margolin, Shrikanth S. Narayanan

Last modified: 2016-03-05


Well-being and mental health are directly associated with relationship status particularly in the context of relatedness and support. A key factor in relationship functioning is emotional arousal. We examine the interplay between emotional arousal manifested through acoustic and physiological cues and its association to relationship satisfaction. We propose a dynamical systems model to infer the within- and across-modality as well as the between-partner relations. Our results suggest that increased emotional regulation is negatively associated with relationship satisfaction and indicate that the proposed system consists a viable framework for analyzing such multimodal interrelations within romantic partners.


speech; physiology; electrodermal activity; arousal; dynamical systems;

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