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Activity Context Representation

Organizers PDF
Lokendra Shastri
Preface PDF
Lokendra Shastri
Activity Context Aware Digital Workspaces and Consumer Playspaces: Manifesto and Architecture PDF
Vikas Agrawal, Genoveva Galarza Heredero, Harsha Penmetsa, Arijit Laha, Lokendra Shastri
Identifying Collaborators Activities from Web-Mediated Dialogs: The Activity States Framework Approach PDF
Nik Nailah Binti Abdullah, Samuel Mendes, Stefano A Cerri, Shinichi Honiden
Towards Activity Recognition Using Probabilistic Description Logics PDF
Rim Helaoui, Daniele Riboni, Mathias Niepert, Claudio Bettini, Heiner Stuckenschmidt
Resource Management for Public Sensing PDF
Klaus Herrmann, Daniel Fischer, Damian Philipp
Recognizing Continuous Social Engagement Level in Dyadic Conversation by Using Turn-taking and Speech Emotion Patterns PDF
Joey Chiao-yin Hsiao, Wan-rong Jih, Jane Yung-jen Hsu
The Activity Recognition Repository: Towards Competitive Benchmarking in Ambient Intelligence PDF
Bostjan Kaluza, Simon Kozina, Mitja Lustrek
How to Make Face Recognition Work: The Power of Modeling Context PDF
Ashish Kapoor, Dahua Lin, Simon Baker, Gang Hua, Amir Akbarzadeh
Task Context for Knowledge Workers PDF
Mik Kersten, Gail C Murphy
Towards Dynamically Configurable Context Recognition Systems PDF
Kai Kunze, David Bannach
Activity-Context Aware Computing for Supporting Knowledge-Works PDF
Arijit Laha, Lokendra Shastri, Vikas Agrawal
Inference of User Context from GPS Logs for Proactive Recommender Systems PDF
Benjamin Lerchenmueller, Wolfgang Woerndl
Social and AR Applications uUsing the User’s Context and User Generated Content PDF
Boris Moltchanov, Carlo Alberto Licciardi, Fabio Luciano Mondin, Maurizio Belluati, Oscar Rodriguez Rocha
Challenges in Learning Optimum Models for Complex First Order Activity Recognition Settings PDF
Naveen Nair, Amrita Saha, Ganesh Ramakrishnan, Shonali Krishnaswamy
DCON: Interoperable Context Representation for Pervasive Environments PDF
Simon Scerri, Judie Attard, Ismael Rivera, Massimo Valla
The Impact of Personalization on Smartphone-Based Activity Recognition PDF
Gary Mitchell Weiss, Jeffrey Lockhart

Cognitive Robotics

Organizers PDF
Wolfram Burgard
Preface PDF
Wolfram Burgard
Augmenting the Reachable Space in the NAO Humanoid Robot PDF
Marco Antonelli, Beata Joanna Grzyb, Vicente Castelló, Angel Pascual del Pobil
Towards Action Representation within the Framework of Conceptual Spaces: Preliminary Results PDF
Oliver Beyer, Sascha Griffiths, Philipp Cimiano
Bounded Situation Calculus Action Theories and Decidable Verification PDF
Giuseppe De Giacomo, Yves Lesperance, Fabio Patrizi
Action-Based Imperative Programming with YAGI PDF
Alexander Ferrein, Gerald Steinbauer, Stavros Vassos
Considering State in Plan Recognition with Lexicalized Grammars PDF
Christopher Geib
Personalized Guided Tour by Multiple Robots through Semantic Profile Definition and Dynamic Redistribution of Participants PDF
Anna Hristoskova, Carlos Aguero, Manuela Veloso, Filip De Turck
Cognitive Robotics Using the Soar Cognitive Architecture PDF
John Edwin Laird, Keegan R. Kinkade, Shiwali Mohan, Joseph Z. Xu
Experience Guided Mobile Manipulation Planning PDF
Tekin Alp Mericli, Manuela Veloso, Levent Akin
Visuo-Spatial Ability, Effort and Affordance Analyses: Towards Building Blocks for Robot's Complex Socio-Cognitive Behaviors PDF
Amit Kumar Pandey, Rachid Alami
What Would You Like to Drink? Recognising and Planning with Social States in a Robot Bartender Domain PDF
Ronald P. A. Petrick, Mary Ellen Foster
Plan Recognition by Program Execution in Continuous Temporal Domains PDF
Christoph Schwering, Daniel Beck, Stefan Schiffer, Gerhard Lakemeyer
Towards an Expressive Decidable Logical Action Theory PDF
Wael Yehia, Mikhail Soutchanski
A Taxonomic Framework for Task Modeling and Knowledge Transfer in Manufacturing Robotics PDF
Jacob O'Donnal Huckaby, Henrik I. Christensen
A Robust Planning Framework for Cognitive Robots PDF
Sertac Karapinar, Dogan Altan, Sanem Sariel-Talay
An Approach to Building Emotional Intelligence in Artifacts PDF
Alexei V. Samsonovich

Grounding Language for Physical Systems

Organizers PDF
Cynthia Matuszek
Make it So: Continuous, Flexible Natural Language Interaction with an Autonomous Robot PDF
Daniel J. Brooks, Constantine Lignos, Cameron Finucane, Mikhail S. Medvedev, Ian Perera, Vasumathi Raman, Hadas Kress-Gazit, Mitch Marcus, Holly A. Yanco
Incremental Referent Grounding with NLP-Biased Visual Search PDF
Rehj Cantrell, Evan Krause, Matthias Scheutz, Michael Zillich, Ekaterina Potapova
Learning to Parse and Ground Natural Language Commands to Robots PDF
Jayant Krishnamurthy, Thomas Kollar
Learning to Interpret Natural Language Instructions PDF
James MacGlashan, Monica Babes-Vroman, Kevin Winner, Ruoyuan Gao, Richard Adjogah, Marie desJardins, Michael Littman, Smaranda Muresan
Situated Comprehension of Imperative Sentences in Embodied, Cognitive Agents PDF
Shiwali Mohan, John E. Laird
Social State Recognition and Knowledge-Level Planning for Human-Robot Interaction in a Bartender Domain PDF
Ronald P. A. Petrick, Mary Ellen Foster, Amy Isard
Investigating Spatial Language for Robot Fetch Commands PDF
Marjorie Skubic, Tatiana Alexenko, Zhiyu Huo, Laura Carlson, Jared Miller

Human Computation

Organizers PDF
Yiling Chen
Preface PDF
Yiling Chen
Systematic Analysis of Output Agreement Games: Effects of Gaming Environment, Social Interaction, and Feedback PDF
Shih-Wen Huang, Wai-Tat Fu
MobileWorks: Designing for Quality in a Managed Crowdsourcing Architecture (Extended Abstract) PDF
Anand Kulkarni, David Rolnitzky, Philipp Gutheim, Prayag Narula, Tapan Parikh, Bjoern Hartmnn
Doodling: A Gaming Paradigm for Generating Language Data PDF
A. Kumaran, Sujay Kumar Jauhar, Sumit Basu
Contextual Commonsense Knowledge Acquisition from Social Content by Crowd-Sourcing Explanations PDF
Yen-Ling Kuo, Jane Yung-jen Hsu, Fuming Shih
Crowdsourcing Control: Moving Beyond Multiple Choice PDF
Christopher H. Lin, Mausam Mausam, Daniel S Weld
Part Annotations via Pairwise Correspondence PDF
Subhransu Maji, Gregory Shakhnarovich
TurkServer: Enabling Synchronous and Longitudinal Online Experiments PDF
Andrew Mao, Yiling Chen, Krzysztof Z. Gajos, David C. Parkes, Ariel D Procaccia, Haoqi Zhang
Crowdsourcing Annotations for Visual Object Detection PDF
Hao Su, Jia Deng, Li Fei-Fei
Crowdclustering with Sparse Pairwise Labels: A Matrix Completion Approach PDF
Jinfeng Yi, Rong Jin, Anil Jain, Shaili Jain
Hallucination: A Mixed-Initiative Approach for Efficient Document Reconstruction PDF
Haoqi Zhang, John K. Lai, Moritz Baecher
Captchas With a Purpose PDF
Suhas Aggarwal
Squaring and Scripting the ESP Game PDF
François Bry, Christoph Wieser
Crowd-Sourcing Design: Sketch Minimization using Crowds for Feedback PDF
David Engel, Verena Kottler, Christoph Malisi, Marc Roettig, Eva-Maria Willing, Sebastian Schultheiss
Diamonds From the Rough: Improving Drawing, Painting, and Singing via Crowdsourcing PDF
Yotam Gingold, Etienne Vouga, Eitan Grinspun, Haym Hirsh
Machine-Learning for Spammer Detection in Crowd-Sourcing PDF
Harry Halpin, Roi Blanco
Detecting Deceptive Opinion Spam Using Human Computation PDF
Christopher Glenn Harris
Towards Social Norm Design for Crowdsourcing Markets PDF
Chien-Ju Ho, Yu Zhang, Jennifer Wortman Vaughan, Mihaela van der Schaar
Improving Quality of Crowdsourced Labels via Probabilistic Matrix Factorization PDF
Hyun Joon Jung, Matthew Lease
Learning from Crowds and Experts PDF
Hiroshi Kajino, Yuta Tsuboi, Issei Sato, Hisashi Kashima
Predicting Crowd-Based Translation Quality with Language-Independent Feature Vectors PDF
Nina Runge, Niklas Kilian, Jan Smeddinck, Markus Krause
Automatically Providing Action Plans Helps People Complete Tasks PDF
Nicolas Kokkalis, Johannes Huebner, Steven Diamond, Dominic Becker, Michael Chang, Moontae Lee, Florian Schulze, Thomas Koehn, Scott R Klemmer
Playful Surveys: Easing Challenges of Human Subject Research with Online Crowds PDF
Markus Krause, Jan Smeddinck, Aneta Takhtamysheva, Velislav Markov, Nina Runge
Learning Sociocultural Knowledge via Crowdsourced Examples PDF
Boyang Li, Darren Scott Appling, Stephen Lee-Urban, Mark Riedl
Dynamically Switching between Synergistic Workflows for Crowdsourcing PDF
Christopher H Lin, . Mausam, Daniel S Weld
Using the Crowd to Do Natural Language Programming PDF
Mehdi Manshadi, Carolyn Keenan, James Allen
Social Choice for Human Computation PDF
Andrew Mao, Ariel D. Procaccia, Yiling Chen
The Role of Super Agents in Mobile Crowdsourcing PDF
Mohamed Musthag, Deepak Ganesan
To Crowdsource or Not To Crowdsource? PDF
Gireeja Ranade, Lav Raj Varshney
Collecting Representative Pictures for Words: A Human Computation Approach Based on Draw Something Game PDF
Jun Wang, Bei Yu
Personalized Online Education — A Crowdsourcing Challenge PDF
Daniel S. Weld, Eytan Adar, Lydia Chilton, Raphael Hoffmann, Eric Horvitz, Mitchell Koch, James Landay, Christopher H. Lin, Mausam Mausam

Intelligent Techniques for Web Personalization and Recommendation

Organizers PDF
Dietmar Jannach
Preface PDF
Dietmar Jannach
What's in a URL? Genre Classification from URLs PDF
Myriam Abramson, David W. Aha
A Web-Based Book Recommendation Tool for Reading Groups PDF
Sayıl Düzgün, Ayşenur Birtürk
Capturing Browsing Interests of Users into Web Usage Profiles PDF
Shaily Kabir, Sudhir P. Mudur, Nematollaah Shiri
Using Lists to Measure Homophily on Twitter PDF
Jeon-Hyung Kang, Kristina Lerman
Twitter User Modeling and Tweets Recommendation Based on Wikipedia Concept Graph PDF
Chunliang Lu, Wai Lam, Yingxiao Zhang
Sentiment Classification Using the Meaning of Words PDF
Hadi Amiri, Tat-Seng Chua
Variable Categorization and Modelling: A Novel Adversarial Approach to Mobile Location-Based Advertising PDF
En-Shiun Annie Lee, Franky Kin-Wai Yeung, Tzu-Yang Yu
A Metric Scale for 'Abstractness' of the Word Meaning PDF
Alexei V. Samsonovich

Multiagent Pathfinding

Organizers PDF
Ariel Felner
Preface PDF
Ariel Felner
Towards Decentralized Waypoint Negotiation PDF
Shawn Adams, Matthew Rutherford
Reciprocal Collision Avoidance for Quadrotor Helicopters Using LQR-Obstacles PDF
Daman Bareiss, Jur van den Berg
Towards Optimization-Based Multi-Agent Collision-Avoidance Under Continuous Stochastic Dynamics PDF
Jan-Peter Calliess, Michael Alan Osborne, Stephen J. Roberts
Learning Conflicts from Experience PDF
Yann-Michaël De Hauwere, Ann Nowé
DEC-A*: A Decentralized A* Algorithm PDF
Mohamad El Falou, Maroua Bouzid, Abdel-Illah Mouaddib
A* Variants for Optimal Multi-Agent Pathfinding PDF
Meir Goldenberg, Ariel Felner, Roni Stern, Guni Sharon, Jonathan Schaeffer
Towards Using Discrete Multiagent Pathfinding to Address Continuous Problems PDF
Athanasios Krontiris, Qandeel Sajid, Kostas E Bekris
Positioning to Win: A Dynamic Role Assignment and Formation Positioning System PDF
Patrick MacAlpine, Francisco Barrera, Peter Stone
Non-Optimal Multi-Agent Pathfinding Is Solved (Since 1984) PDF
Gabriele Röger, Malte Helmert
Conflict-Based Search for Optimal Multi-Agent Path Finding PDF
Guni Sharon, Roni Stern, Ariel Felner, Nathan Sturtevant
Reciprocal Collision Avoidance and Multi-Agent Navigation for Video Games PDF
Jamie Snape, Stephen J. Guy, Jur van den Berg, Ming C. Lin, Dinesh Manocha
Independence Detection for Multi-Agent Pathfinding Problems PDF
Trevor Scott Standley
Time Optimal Multi-Agent Path Planning on Graphs PDF
Jingjin Yu, Steven M. LaValle

Neural-Symbolic Learning and Reasoning

Organizers PDF
Artur d'Avila Garcez
Preface PDF
Artur d'Avila Garcez
Twenty-Five Years of Combining Symbolic and Numeric Learning PDF
Jude Shavlik
Towards Bridging the Gap Between Pattern Recognition and Symbolic Representation Within Neural Networks PDF
Tsvi Achler
A Neural-Symbolic Cognitive Agent with a Mind’s Eye PDF
H. L. H. de Penning, R. J. M. den Hollander, H. Bouma, G. J. Burghouts, A. S. d'Avila Garcez
Vowel Recognition in Simulated Neurons PDF
Christian Robert Huyck
Neural-Symbolic Rule-Based Monitoring PDF
Alan Perotti, Artur d'Avila Garcez, Guido Boella, Daniele Rispoli
Efficiently Merging Symbolic Rules into Integrated Rules PDF
Jim Prentzas, Ioannis Hatzilygeroudis
Scalable Inverse Reinforcement Learning via Instructed Feature Construction PDF
Tomas Singliar, Dragos D. Margineantu
Unsurpervised Learning in Hybrid Cognitive Architectures PDF
Yury Vinokurov, Christian Lebiere, Dean Wyatte, Seth Herd, Randall O'Reilly

Problem Solving Using Classical Planners

Organizers PDF
Hector Palacios
Preface PDF
Hector Palacios
Using a Classical Forward Search to Solve Temporal Planning Problems under Uncertainty PDF
Eric Beaudry, Froduald Kabanza, Francois Michaud
A Multi-Path Compilation Approach to Contingent Planning PDF
Ronen Brafman, Guy Shani
Making Reasonable Assumptions to Plan with Incomplete Information: Abridged Report PDF
Samuel Falcon Davis-Mendelow, Jorge A. Baier, Sheila McIlraith
Learning Interactions Among Objects Through Spatio-Temporal Reasoning PDF
Mustafa Ersen, Sanem Sariel-Talay
A Planning-Based Approach for Generating Planning Problems PDF
Raquel Fuentetaja, Tomás De la Rosa
Using Classical Planners for Plan Verification and Counterexample Generation PDF
Robert P. Goldman, Ugur Kuter, Tony Schneider
Planning with Global Constraints for Computing Infrastructure Reconfiguration PDF
Herry Herry, Paul Anderson
Using Planning for a Personalized Security Agent PDF
Mark Roberts, Adele E. Howe, Indrajit Ray, Malgorzata Urbanska
Composition of Flow-Based Applications with HTN Planning PDF
Shirin Sohrabi, Octavian Udrea, Anand Ranganathan, Anton Riabov
Using Classical Planners to Solve Conformant Probabilistic Planning Problems PDF
Ran Taig, Ronen I Brafman
Solving Goal Hybrid Markov Decision Processes Using Numeric Classical Planners PDF
Florent Teichteil-Königsbuch
Planning the Transformation of Network Topologies PDF
Young Yoon, Nathan Robinson, Vinod Muthusamy, Hans-Arno Jacobsen, Sheila A. McIlraith

Semantic Cities

Organizers PDF
Biplav Srivastava
Preface PDF
Biplav Srivastava
Inconsistency Management for Traffic Regulations PDF
Harald Beck, Thomas Eiter, Thomas Krennwallner
Capturing the Pulse of Cities: Opportunity and Research Challenges for Robust Stream Data Reasoning PDF
Freddy Lecue, Spyros Kotoulas, Pol Mac Aonghusa
Building a Timeline Network for Evacuation in Earthquake Disaster PDF
The Minh Nguyen, Takahiro Kawamura, Yasuyuki Tahara, Akihiko Ohsuga
Open Government Data for Tackling Corruption – A Perspective PDF
Nidhi Rajshree, Biplav Srivastava
Enabling Linked Data Publication with the Datalift Platform PDF
François Scharffe, Laurent Bihanic, Gabriel Képéklian, Ghislain Atemezing, Raphaël Troncy, Franck Cotton, Fabien Gandon, Serena Villata, Jérôme Euzenat, Zhengjie Fan, Bénédicte Bucher, Fayçal Hamdi, Pierre-Yves Vandenbussche, Bernard Vatant
Data-Centric Privacy Policies for Smart Grids PDF
Sebastian Speiser, Andreas Harth
A New Method for Conflict Detection and Resolution in Air Traffic Management PDF
Hojjat Emami, Farnaz Derakhshan
QuerioCity: Accessing the Information of a City PDF
Vanessa Lopez, Spyros Kotoulas, Marco Luca Sbodio, Martin Stephenson, Raymond Lloyd, Aris Gkoulalas-Divanis, Pol Mac Aonghusa