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Activity Context-Aware System Architectures

Organizers PDF
Pankaj Mehra
Preface PDF
Lokendra Shastri, Vikas Agrawal
Real-Time Annotation Tool (RAT) PDF
Kyle D. Feuz, Diane J. Cook
On Representing Activity Context via Semantic Rule Methods (Summary of Invited Talk) PDF
Benjamin N. Grosof
Platys: User-Centric Place Recognition PDF
Chung-Wei Hang, Pradeep K. Murukannaiah, Munindar P. Singh
Activity Context-Aware System Architecture for Intelligent Natural Speech Based Interfaces PDF
Genoveva Galarza Heredero, Harsha Penmetsa, Vikas Agrawal, Lokendra Shastri
Unsupervised Context-Aware User Preference Mining PDF
Fei Li, Katharina Rasch, Sanjin Sehic, Schahram Dustdar, Rassul Ayani
Context-Aware Insider Threat Detection PDF
Alex Memory, Henry G. Goldberg, Ted E. Senator
Pub/Sub and Semantic Annotation Enablers for Future Internet in the PPP EU Project Test-Bed PDF
Boris Moltchanov, Oscar Rodríguez Rocha
Multidimensional Ontology Model to Support Context-aware Systems PDF
José Rodríguez, Maricela Bravo, Rafael Guzmán
Supporting Activity Context Recognition in Context-Aware Middleware PDF
Tao Xu, Yun Zhou, Bertrand David, René Chalon

Artificial Intelligence and Robotics Methods in Computational Biology

Organizers PDF
Amarda Shehu
Preface PDF
Amarda Shehu, Juan Cortés, Jianlin Cheng
A Contact-Assisted Approach to Protein Structure Prediction and Its Assessment in CASP10 PDF
Badri Adhikari, Debswapna Bhattacharya, Xin Deng, Jilong Li, Jianlin Cheng
A Multi-Tree Approach to Compute Transition Paths on Energy Landscapes PDF
Didier Devaurs, Marc Vaisset, Thierry Siméon, Juan Cortés
Using Protein Fragments for Searching and Data-mining Protein Databases PDF
Chen Keasar, Rachel Kolodny
Pareto-Based Optimal Sampling Method and Its Applications in Protein Structural Conformation Sampling PDF
Yaohang Li, Ashraf Yaseen
Geometrical Insights into the Process of Antibody Aggregation PDF
Kasra Manavi, Alan Kuntz, Lydia Tapia
An Evolutionary Search Algorithm to Guide Stochastic Search for Near-Native Protein Conformations with Multiobjective Analysis PDF
Brian Olson, Amarda Shehu
Rigidity Analysis for Protein Motion and Folding Core Identification PDF
Shawna Thomas, Lydia Tapia, Chinwe Ekenna, Hsin-Yi (Cindy) Yeh, Nancy M. Amato
Packing Models for Multi-Domain Biomolecular Structures in Crystals with P212121 Space-Group Symmetry PDF
Yan Yan, Gregory S. Chirikjian

Combining Constraint Solving with Mining and Learning

Organizers PDF
Lars Kotthoff
Heuristics and Policies for Online Pickup and Delivery Problems PDF
Martin Damyanov Aleksandrov, Pedro Barahona, Philip Kilby, Toby Walsh
Bandit-Based Search for Constraint Programming PDF
Manuel Loth, Michèle Sebag, Youssef Hamadi, Christian Schulte, Marc Schoenauer
Learning Bayesian Networks under Equivalence Constraints (Abstract) PDF
Tiansheng Yao, Arthur Choi, Adnan Darwiche

Computer Poker and Imperfect Information

Organizers PDF
Christopher Archibald
The Baseline Approach to Agent Evaluation PDF
Josh Davidson, Christopher Archibald, Michael Bowling
Learning Strategies for Opponent Modeling in Poker PDF
Omer Ekmekci, Volkan Sirin
Action Translation in Extensive-Form Games with Large Action Spaces: Axioms, Paradoxes, and the Pseudo-Harmonic Mapping PDF
Sam Ganzfried, Tuomas Sandholm
Improving Performance in Imperfect-Information Games with Large State and Action Spaces by Solving Endgames PDF
Sam Ganzfried, Tuomas Sandholm
Using Bayesian Networks to Model a Poker Player PDF
Andrew Heiberg
Slumbot NL: Solving Large Games with Counterfactual Regret Minimization Using Sampling and Distributed Processing PDF
Eric Griffin Jackson
The Architecture of the Spewy Louie Jr. Poker Bot PDF
Jon Parker
Identifying Features for Bluff Detection in No-Limit Texas Hold’em PDF
Razvan Ranca
Equilibrium's Action Bound in Extensive Form Games with Many Actions PDF
Martin Schmid, Matej Moravcik
There Can Be No Single Best Adaptive Poker AI PDF
Neill Sweeney
Speeding-up Poker Game Abstraction Computation: Average Rank Strength PDF
Luís Filipe Guimarães Teófilo, Luís Paulo Reis, Henrique Lopes Cardoso
A Fast and Optimal Hand Isomorphism Algorithm PDF
Kevin Waugh

Expanding the Boundaries of Health Informatics Using AI

Organizers PDF
Martin Michalowski
Preface PDF
Martin Michalowski
Supporting Multiple Clinical Perspectives on a Patient-Centred Record Using Ontology Models PDF
John James Chelsom, Ira Pande, Ian Gaywood
A Preliminary Investigation into Predictive Models for Adverse Drug Events PDF
Jesse Davis, Vitor Santos Costa, Peggy Peissig, Michael Caldwell, David Page
Addressing Preemption Costs in Multi-Agent Resource Allocation for Medical Applications PDF
John A. Doucette, Robin Cohen
Carmen: A Twitter Geolocation System with Applications to Public Health PDF
Mark Dredze, Michael J. Paul, Shane Bergsma, Hieu Tran
Using Semantic Workflows to Disseminate Best Practices and Accelerate Discoveries in Multi-Omic Data Analysis PDF
Yolanda Gil, Shannon McWeeney, Christopher Mason
Vaccination (Anti-) Campaigns in Social Media PDF
Marco Huesch, Greg Ver Steeg, Aram Galstyan
Population Health Record: An Informatics Infrastructure for Management, Integration, and Analysis of Large Scale Population Health Data PDF
Masoumeh Izadi, Arash Shaban-Nejad, Anya Okhmatovskaia, Luke Mondor, David L Buckeridge
Discovery of Discriminating Neural Regions for MRI Classification PDF
S. Seth Long, Lawrence B. Holder
Procedural Approach to Mitigating Concurrently Applied Clinical Practice Guidelines PDF
Martin Michalowski, Szymon Wilk, Wojtek Michalowski, Xing Tan, Di Lin, Subhra Mohapatra
What Affects Patient (Dis)satisfaction? Analyzing Online Doctor Ratings with a Joint Topic-Sentiment Model PDF
Michael J. Paul, Byron C. Wallace, Mark Dredze
Modeling Annotator Rationales with Application to Pneumonia Classification PDF
Michael Tepper, Heather L. Evans, Fei Xia, Meliha Yetisgen-Yildiz
Exploring Disease Interactions Using Markov Networks PDF
Jan Van Haaren, Jesse Davis, Martijn Lappenschaar, Arjen Hommersom
Machine Learning Techniques for Diagnostic Differentiation of Mild Cognitive Impairment and Dementia PDF
Jennifer A. Williams, Alyssa Weakley, Diane J. Cook, Maureen Schmitter-Edgecombe

Intelligent Robotic Systems

Robots in Crowds — Being Useful While Staying Out of Trouble PDF
Ladislau Boloni, Saad Ahmad Khan, Saad Arif
Online Pickup and Delivery Planning with Transfers for Mobile Robots PDF
Brian Coltin, Manuela Veloso
An Issue in Goal Addition in Continuous Robotic Plan Execution PDF
Philip Cooksey, Frederic Py, Paul Morris, Kanna Rajan
Causality-Based Reasoning for Cognitive Factories PDF
Esra Erdem, Kadir Haspalamutgil, Volkan Patoglu, Tansel Uras
Learning Guided Planning for Robust Task Execution in Cognitive Robotics PDF
Sertac Karapinar, Sanem Sariel-Talay, Petek Yildiz, Mustafa Ersen
Minimizing Conflicts Between Moving Agents over a Set of Non-Homotopic Paths Through Regret Minimization PDF
Andrew S. Kimmel, Kostas Bekris
Combining World and Interaction Models for Human-Robot Collaborations PDF
Cynthia Matuszek, Andrzej Pronobis, Luke Zettlemoyer, Dieter Fox
An Interactive Approach for Situated Task Teaching through Verbal Instructions PDF
Cetin Mericli, Steven D. Klee, Jack Paparian, Manuela Veloso
How Much Does a Household Robot Need to Know in Order to Tidy Up? PDF
Bernhard Nebel, Christian Dornhege, Andreas Hertle
Information-Theoretic Motor Skill Learning PDF
Gerhard Neumann, Christian Daniel, Andras Kupcsik, Marc Deisenroth, Jan Peters
Novel Mechanisms for Natural Human-Robot Interactions in the DIARC Architecture PDF
Matthias Scheutz, Gordon Briggs, Rehj Cantrell, Evan Krause, Thomas Williams, Richard Veale
Levels of Integration between Low-Level Reasoning and Task Planning PDF
Peter Schüller, Volkan Patoglu, Esra Erdem
Grounded Spatial Language — An Integrated AI Research Program PDF
Michael Spranger
Using Classical Planners for Tasks with Continuous Operators in Robotics PDF
Siddharth Srivastava, Lorenzo Riano, Stuart Russell, Pieter Abbeel
Interruptable Autonomy: Towards Dialog-Based Robot Task Management PDF
Yichao Sun, Brian Coltin, Manuela Veloso
Towards Efficient Robot Adversarial Coverage PDF
Roi Yehoshua, Noa Agmon, Gal A. Kaminka
Towards Cooperative Bayesian Human-Robot Perception: Theory, Experiments, Opportunities PDF
Nisar Razzi Ahmed, Eric Sample, Tsung-Lin Yang, Daniel Lee, Lucas de la Garza, Ahmed Elsamadisi, Arturo Sullivan, Kai Wang, Xinxiang Lao, Rina Tse, Mark Campbell
Qualitative Relational Mapping for Planetary Rovers PDF
Mark McClelland, Mark Campbell, Tara Estlin
Web-Based Remote Assistance to Overcome Robot Perceptual Limitations PDF
Rodrigo Ventura, Brian Coltin, Manuela Veloso
Organizers PDF
George Konidaris

Intelligent Techniques for Web Personalization and Recommendation

Organizers PDF
Dietmar Jannach
Preface PDF
Dietmar Jannach, Sarabjot Singh Anand, Bamshad Mobasher
Movie Recommender System for Profit Maximization PDF
Amos Azaria, Avinatan Hassidim, Sarit Kraus, Adi Eshkol, Ofer Weintraub, Irit Netanely
Minimal Interaction Search: Multi-Way Search with Item Categories PDF
Sandilya Bhamidipati, Branislav Kveton, S. Muthukrishnan
A Comparison of Playlist Generation Strategies for Music Recommendation and a New Baseline Scheme PDF
Geoffray Bonnin, Dietmar Jannach
Personalized Text-Based Music Retrieval PDF
Negar Hariri, Bamshad Mobasher, Robin Burke
Re-Ranking Recommendations Based on Predicted Short-Term Interests - A Protocol and First Experiment PDF
Dietmar Jannach, Lukas Lerche, Matthäus Gdaniec
Recommending Improved Configurations for Complex Objects with an Application in Travel Planning PDF
Amihai Savir, Ronen Brafman, Guy Shani
Games of Friends: A Game-Theoretical Approach for Link Prediction in Online Social Networks PDF
Giovanni Zappella, Alexandros Karatzoglou, Linas Baltrunas

Learning Rich Representations from Low-Level Sensors

Organizers PDF
Marc Pickett
Preface PDF
Marc Pickett, Benjamin Kuipers, Yann LeCun, Clayton Morrison
Rates for Inductive Learning of Compositional Models PDF
Adrian Barbu, Maria Pavlovskaia, Song Chun Zhu
Symbol Acquisition for Task-Level Planning PDF
George Konidaris, Leslie Pack Kaelbling, Tomas Lozano-Perez
Representation Search through Generate and Test PDF
Ashique Rupam Mahmood, Richard S. Sutton
Learning Perceptual Causality from Video PDF
Amy Sue Fire, Song-Chun Zhu
Learning Behavior Hierarchies via High-Dimensional Sensor Projection PDF
Simon D. Levy, Suraj Bajracharya, Ross W. Gayler
The Construction of Reality in a Cognitive System PDF
Michael S. P. Miller
Two Perspectives on Learning Rich Representations from Robot Experience PDF
Joseph Modayil
Top-Down Abstraction Learning Using Prediction as a Supervisory Signal PDF
Jonathan Mugan
Building on Deep Learning PDF
Marc Pickett
Events, Interest, Segmentation, Binding and Hierarchy PDF
Richard James Rohwer
Autonomous Hierarchical POMDP Planning from Low-Level Sensors PDF
Shawn Squire, Marie desJardins

Plan, Activity, and Intent Recognition Workshop

Organizers PDF
Hung Hai Bui
Hierarchical Modeling to Facilitate Personalized Word Prediction for Dialogue PDF
Richard Gabriel Freedman, Jingyi Guo, William H. Turkett, Victor Paúl Pauca
Parallelizing Plan Recognition PDF
Christopher Geib, Christopher Swetenham
Emulating the Consistency of Human Behavior with an Autonomous Robot in a Market Scenario PDF
Saad Ahmad Khan, Ladislau Boloni, Saad Arif
Seeing Beyond Shadows: Incremental Abductive Reasoning for Plan Understanding PDF
Ben Leon Meadows, Pat Langley, Miranda Jane Emery
Using Bayesian Networks for Daily Activity Prediction PDF
Ehsan Nazerfard, Diane J. Cook
Accuracy and Timeliness in ML Based Activity Recognition PDF
Robert Ross, John Kelleher
Using Plan Recognition for Interpreting Referring Expressions PDF
Dustin Arthur Smith, Henry Lieberman
A General Framework for Recognizing Complex Events in Markov Logic PDF
Young Chol Song, Henry Kautz, Yuncheng Li, Jiebo Luo
Plan Recognition for Exploratory Domains Using Interleaved Temporal Search PDF
Oriel Uzan, Reuth Peled, Ya'akov Gal
A Computational Cognitive Model of Mirroring Processes: A Position Statement PDF
Mor Vered, Gal Kamink

Space, Time, and Ambient Intelligence

Organizers PDF
Mehul Bhatt
Preface PDF
Mehul Bhatt, Hans W. Guesgen, Diane J. Cook
Invited Speakers PDF
Mehul Bhatt
Modeling of Activities as Fuzzy Temporal Multivariable Problems PDF
Farzad Amirjavid, Abdenour Bouzouane, Bruno Bouchard
Rotunde — A Smart Meeting Cinematography Initiative — Tools, Datasets, and Benchmarks for Cognitive Interpretation and Control PDF
Mehul Bhatt, Jakob Suchan, Christian Freksa
A Fuzzy Set Approach to Representing Spatio-Temporal and Environmental Context: Preliminary Considerations PDF
Hans Werner Guesgen
Dynamic Symbol Grounding: Changing Referents in Engineering Analysis and Spatial Environments PDF
Matthew Evans Klenk
An Approach to Numeric Refinement in Description Logic Learning for Learning Activities Duration in Smart Homes PDF
An C. Tran, Hans W. Guesgen, Jens Dietrich, Stephen Marsland
The Spatial Interaction Laboratory — A Distributed Middleware and Qualitative Representation for Ambient Intelligence PDF
Jasper van de Ven, Frank Dylla

Trading Agent Design and Analysis

Organizers PDF
Vedran Podobnik
Preface PDF
Vedran Podobnik
An Analysis of Power TAC 2013 Trial PDF
Jurica Babic, Vedran Podobnik
Electricity Demand Forecasting using Gaussian Processes PDF
Manuel Blum, Martin Riedmiller
Empirical Analysis of Auctioneer Profitability in QuiBids Penny Auctions PDF
Amy Greenwald, Eric Sodomka, Eric Stix, Jeffrey Stix, David Storch
Accounting for Price Dependencies in Simultaneous Sealed-Bid Auctions PDF
Brandon A. Mayer, Eric Sodomka, Amy Greenwald, Michael Wellman
Initial Exploration of Machine Learning to Predict Customer Demand in an Energy Market Simulation PDF
Jaime Parra Jr., Christopher Kiekintveld
Classification Driven Detection of Opportunistic Bids in TAC-SCM PDF
Anuj Toshniwal, Kuldeep Porwal, Kamal Karlapalem
Smart Charging of Electric Vehicles using Reinforcement Learning PDF
Konstantina Valogianni, Wolfgang Ketter, John Collins

Statistical Relational Artificial Intelligence

Organizers PDF
Vibhav Gogate
Preface PDF
Vibhav Gogate, Kristian Kersting, Sriraam Natarajan, David Poole
MapReduce Lifting for Belief Propagation PDF
Babak Ahmadi, Kristian Kersting, Sriraam Natarajan
Reduce and Re-Lift: Bootstrapped Lifted Likelihood Maximization for MAP PDF
Fabian Hadiji, Kristian Kersting
Relational Markov Decision Processes: Promise and Prospects PDF
Saket Joshi, Roni Khardon, Prasad Tadepalli, Alan Fern, Aswin Raghavan
On Integrating Ontologies with Relational Probabilistic Models PDF
Chia-Li Kuo, David Poole
Lifted Inference via k-Locality PDF
Martin Mladenov, Kristian Kersting
Using Commonsense Knowledge to Automatically Create (Noisy) Training Examples from Text PDF
Sriraam Natarajan, Jose Picado, Tushar Khot, Kristian Kersting, Cristopher Re, Jude Shavlik
RockIt: Exploiting Parallelism and Symmetry for MAP Inference in Statistical Relational Models PDF
Jan Noessner, Mathias Niepert, Heiner Stuckenschmidt
Modal Markov Logic for Multiple Agents PDF
Tivadar Papai, Henry Kautz
Lifted Inference on Transitive Relations PDF
Wen Pu, Jaesik Choi, Eyal Amir
Online Inference-Rule Learning from Natural-Language Extractions PDF
Sindhu Raghavan, Raymond J. Mooney
Lifting WALKSAT-Based Local Search Algorithms for MAP Inference PDF
Somdeb Sarkhel, Vibhav Gogate
A General Framework for Recognizing Complex Events in Markov Logic PDF
Young Chol Song, Henry Kautz, Yuncheng Li, Jiebo Luo
On the Completeness of Lifted Variable Elimination PDF
Nima Taghipour, Daan Fierens, Guy Van den Broeck, Jesse Davis, Hendrik Blockeel
On the Complexity and Approximation of Binary Evidence in Lifted Inference PDF
Guy Van den Broeck
Lifted Generative Parameter Learning PDF
Guy Van den Broeck, Wannes Meert, Jesse Davis
Tractable Probabilistic Knowledge Bases with Existence Uncertainty PDF
W. Austin Webb, Pedro Domingos

AAAI Conference Late-Breaking Papers

The Value of Ignorance about the Number of Players PDF
Noga Alon, Reshef Meir, Moshe Tennenholtz
Movie Recommender System for Profit Maximization (Short LBP) PDF
Amos Azaria, Avinatan Hassidim, Sarit Kraus, Adi Eshkol, Ofer Weintraub, Irit Netanely
Volatile Multi-Armed Bandits for Guaranteed Targeted Social Crawling PDF
Zahy Bnaya, Rami Puzis, Roni Stern, Ariel Felner
A Formal Framework for the Specification, Verification and Synthesis of Diagnosers PDF
Marco Bozzano, Alessandro Cimatti, Marco Gario, Stefano Tonetta
Covering Landmark Interactions for Semantically Diverse Plans PDF
Daniel Bryce, Renee Bryce
Throwing Darts: Random Sampling Helps Tree Search when the Number of Short Certificates is Moderate PDF
John Paul Dickerson, Tuomas Sandholm
Combining CP-Nets with the Power of Ontologies PDF
Tommaso Di Noia, Thomas Lukasiewicz
Predicting Power Failures with Reactive Point Processes PDF
Seyda Ertekin, Cynthia Rudin, Tyler H. McCormick
Co-Training Based Bilingual Sentiment Lexicon Learning PDF
Dehong Gao, Furu Wei, Wenjie Li, Xiaohua Liu, Ming Zhou
Strong Nash Equilibrium Is in Smoothed P PDF
Nicola Gatti, Marco Rocco, Tuomas Sandholm
Virtual Structure Reduction for Distributed Constraint Problem Solving PDF
Nathaniel Gemelli, Jeffrey Hudack, Jae C Oh
Climate Prediction via Matrix Completion PDF
Mahsa Ghafarianzadeh, Claire Monteleoni
Learning CP-Net Preferences Online from User Queries PDF
Joshua T. Guerin, Thomas E. Allen, Judy Goldsmith
Discriminative Multi-Task Feature Selection PDF
Yahong Han, Jianguang Zhang, Zhongwen Xu, Shoou-I Yu
Conditional Outlier Approach for Detection of Unusual Patient Care Actions PDF
Milos Hauskrecht, Shyam Visweswaran, Gregory Cooper, Gilles Clermont
AMRec: An Intelligent System for Academic Method Recommendation PDF
Shanshan Huang, Xiaojun Wan, Xuewei Tang
Algorithm Selection in Bilateral Negotiation PDF
Litan Ilany, Yakov Gal
Adversarial Cooperative Path-Finding: A First View PDF
Marika Ivanová, Pavel Surynek
Comprehensive Cross-Hierarchy Cluster Agreement Evaluation PDF
David M. Johnson, Caiming Xiong, Jing Gao, Jason J. Corso
Machine Learning for Meeting Analysis PDF
Been Kim, Cynthia Rudin
Take or Wait? Learning Turn-Taking from Multiparty Data PDF
Iolanda Leite, Hannaneh Hajishirzi, Sean Andrist, Jill F. Lehman
An Interpretable Stroke Prediction Model using Rules and Bayesian Analysis PDF
Benjamin Letham, Cynthia Rudin, Tyler H. McCormick, David Madigan
Modular Answer Set Solving PDF
Yuliya Lierler, Miroslaw Truszczynski
Localizing Web Videos from Heterogeneous Images PDF
Xian-Ming Liu, Yue Gao, Rongrong Ji, Shiyu Chang, Thomas Huang
Utilizing Landmarks in Euclidean Heuristics for Optimal Planning PDF
Qiang Lu, Wenlin Chen, Yixin Chen, Kilian Q. Weinberger, Xiaoping Chen
An Ensemble of Linearly Combined Reinforcement-Learning Agents PDF
Vukosi Ntsakisi Marivate, Michael Littman
Towards Joint Inference for Complex Ontology Matching PDF
Christian Meilicke, Jan Noessner, Heiner Stuckenschmidt
Synthetic Photographs for Learning Aesthetic Preferences PDF
Soja-Marie Callahan Morgens, Arnav Jhala
A Novel Human Computation Game for Critique Aggregation PDF
Claudiu Cristian Musat, Boi Faltings
Verbal IQ of a Four-Year Old Achieved by an AI System PDF
Stellan Ohlsson, Robert H Sloan, György Turán, Aaron Urasky
Approximation of Lorenz-Optimal Solutions in Multiobjective Markov Decision Processes PDF
Patrice Perny, Paul Weng, Judy Goldsmith, Josiah P. Hanna
Scaling-Up Quadratic Programming Feature Selection PDF
Yamuna Prasad, K. K. Biswas, Parag Singla
A Modular Framework for the Automatic Reconstruction of Shredded Documents PDF
Razvan Ranca
RAProp: Ranking Tweets by Exploiting the Tweet/User/Web Ecosystem and Inter-Tweet Agreement PDF
Srijith Ravikumar, Karthik Talamadupula, Raju Balakrishnan, Subbarao Kambhampati
Learning Tractable Graphical Models Using Mixture of Arithmetic Circuits  PDF
Amirmohammad Rooshenas, Daniel Lowd
Automated Design of Search with Composability PDF
Ashish Sabharwal, Horst Samulowitz, Tom Schrijvers, Peter Stuckey, Guido Tack
Multiple Outcome Supervised Latent Dirichlet Allocation for Expert Discovery in Online Forums PDF
Jose San Pedro, Alexandros Karatzoglou
Chance-Constrained Strong Controllability of Temporal Plan Networks with Uncertainty PDF
Pedro Henrique Rodrigues Quemel e Assis Santana, Brian Charles Williams
Identifying Important Nodes in Heterogenous Networks PDF
Oliver Schulte, Fatemeh Riahi, Qing Li
Additive Counterexample-Guided Cartesian Abstraction Refinement PDF
Jendrik Seipp, Malte Helmert
Predicting Professions through Probabilistic Model under Social Context PDF
Ming Shao, Liangyue Li, Yun Fu
Partial Domain Search Tree For Constraint-Satisfaction Problems PDF
Guni Sharon, Ariel Felner, Roni Stern, Nathan Sturtevant
Supersparse Linear Integer Models for Predictive Scoring Systems PDF
Berk Ustun, Stefano Traca, Cynthia Rudin
Label Ranking by Directly Optimizing Performance Measures PDF
Qishen Wang, Ou Wu, Ying Chen, Weiming Hu
Negative Influence Minimizing by Blocking Nodes in Social Networks PDF
Senzhang Wang, Xiaojian Zhao, Yan Chen, Zhoujun Li, Kai Zhang, Jiali Xia
Supervised Topic Model with Consideration of User and Item PDF
Sheng Wang, Fangtao Li, Ming Zhang
Detecting Patterns of Crime with Series Finder PDF
Tong Wang, Cynthia Rudin, Daniel Wagner, Rich Sevieri
Learning When to Reject an Importance Sample PDF
Jeremy C. Weiss, Sriraam Natarajan, C. David Page
Using Machine Learning to Improve Stochastic Optimization PDF
David Wolpert, Dev Rajnarayan
Uncertainty Reduction for Active Image Clustering via a Hybrid Global-Local Uncertainty Model PDF
Caiming Xiong, David M. Johnson, Jason J. Corso
Elo Ratings for Structural Credit Assignment in Multiagent Systems PDF
Logan Michael Yliniemi, Kagan Tumer
Fast, Near-Optimal Computation for Multi-Robot Path Planning on Graphs PDF
Jingjin Yu, Steven M. LaValle