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On Demand SPARQL Extension: a Case Study of Extending Geo-SPARQL for Sensor Data Exploration in Semantic Cities
Snehasis Banerjee, Debnath Mukherjee

Last modified: 2014-06-18


SPARQL is the standard language for querying on RDF data, however it lacks support for many useful functions that a semantic city service may require. In this paper, a system is discussed where functions written in commonly known programming language like Java can be instantly added to the SPARQL function library, thereby decreasing development time as well as keeping the underlying implementation transparent. As a case study for instant SPARQL extension, we have chosen to extend the Geo-SPARQL library. We propose various functionality missing in Geo-SPARQL specification and discuss how their instant addition makes sensor data exploration in semantic cities more rich.


sparql extension; geo-sparql; sensor exploration

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