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AI and Robotics

A Visual Analogy Approach to Source Case Retrieval in Robot Learning from Observation PDF
Tesca Fitzgerald, Keith McGreggor, Baris Akgun, Ashok K. Goel, Andrea L. Thomaz
How Robots Can Recognize Activities and Plans Using Topic Models PDF
Richard Gabriel Freedman, Hee-Tae Jung, Roderic A Grupen, Shlomo Zilberstein
Robots and Bananas: Exploring Deliberation in Cognitive Robots PDF
Jasmin Grosinger, Federico Pecora, Alessandro Saffiotti

Artificial Intelligence Applied to Assistive Technologies and Smart Environments

Organizers PDF
Sylvain Giroux
Analysis and Knowledge Discovery of Moving Objects Equipped with RFID Tags PDF
Kevin Bouchard, Sebastien Gaboury, Tarik Moutacalli, Bruno Bouchard, Abdenour Bouzouane
A Multiagent Approach to Personalization and Assistance to Multiple Persons in a Smart Home PDF
Sylvain Giroux, Matthieu Castebrunet, Olivier Boissier, Vincent Rialle
Self-Reconfigurable Control, Application to Smart Environments PDF
Sébastien Guillet, Bruno Bouchard, Abdenour Bouzouane
Recognizing Blind Spot Check Activity with Car Drivers Based on Decision Tree Classifier Approach PDF
Colombiano Kedowide, Charles Gouin-Vallerand, Evelyne Vallieres

Cognitive Computing for Augmented Human Intelligence

Language-Independent Ensemble Approaches to Metaphor Identification PDF
Jonathan Dunn, Jon Beltran de Heredia, Maura Burke, Lisa Gandy, Sergey Kanareykin, Oren Kapah, Matthew Taylor, Dell Hines, Ophir Frieder, David Grossman, Newton Howard, Moshe Koppel, Scott Morris, Andrew Ortony, Shlomo Argamon
Using Syntactic Features in Answer Reranking PDF
Jakob Grundström, Pierre Nugues

Computer Poker and Imperfect Information

Organizers PDF
Sam Ganzfried
Potential-Aware Imperfect-Recall Abstraction with Earth Mover's Distance in Imperfect-Information Games PDF
Sam Ganzfried, Tuomas Sandholm

Discovery Informatics

Organizers PDF
Yolanda Gil, Lawrence E. Hunter
Computational Ideation in Scientific Discovery: Interactive Construction, Evaluation, and Revision of Conceptual Models PDF
Ashok Goel, David Andrew Joyner
Using Computational Creativity to Guide Data-intensive Scientific Discovery PDF
Kazjon Grace, Mary Lou Maher
Discoveries and Anti-Discoveries on the Web of Argument and Data PDF
Tim Clark, Carole Goble, Paolo Ciccarese

Intelligent Cinematography and Editing

How Do We Evaluate the Quality of Computational Editing Systems? PDF
Christophe Lino, Rémi Ronfard, Quentin Galvane, Michael Gleicher

Modern Artificial Intelligence for Health Analytics

Classification of Resting State fMRI Datasets Using Dynamic Network Clusters PDF
Hyo Yul Byun, James J. Lu, Helen S. Mayberg, Cengiz Günay
The Budgeted Biomarker Discovery Problem: A Variant of Association Studies PDF
Sheehan Khan, Russell Greiner

Multiagent Interaction without Prior Coordination

Communication-Restricted Exploration for Robot Teams PDF
Elizabeth A. Jensen, Ernesto Nunes, Maria Gini

Multidisciplinary Workshop on Advances in Preference Handling

Counting, Ranking, and Randomly Generating CP-Nets PDF
Thomas E. Allen, Judy Goldsmith, Nicholas Mattei
Computational Aspects of Multi-Winner Approval Voting PDF
Haris Aziz, Serge Gaspers, Joachim Gudmundsson, Simon Mackenzie, Nicholas Mattei, Toby Walsh
Fixing a Balanced Knockout Tournament PDF
Haris Aziz, Serge Gaspers, Simon Mackenzie, Nicholas Mattei, Paul Stursberg, Toby Walsh
Who is Watching You Eat? PDF
Judy Goldsmith, Nicholas Mattei, Robert H. Sloan
Aggregating Opinions to Design Energy-Efficient Buildings PDF
Leandro Soriano Marcolino, Boian Kolev, Samori Price, Sreerag Palangat Veetil, David Gerber, Josef Musil, Milind Tambe
A Model for Intransitive Preferences PDF
Sam Saarinen, Craig A. Tovey, Judy Goldsmith

Semantic Cities: Beyond Open Data to Models, Standards and Reasoning

Dexter: Plugging-n-Playing with Data Sources in your Browser PDF
Abhijeet Mohapatra, Sudhir Agarwal, Michael Genesereth
City Knowledge Patterns: A Standard for Smart City Knowledge Management PDF
Nooshin Allahyari, Mark S. Fox, Michael Gruninger

Sequential Decision Making with Big Data

Thompson Sampling for Combinatorial Bandits and Its Application to Online Feature Selection PDF
Audrey Durand, Christian Gagné

Statistical Relational AI

Extending PSL with Fuzzy Quantifiers PDF
Golnoosh Farnadi, Stephan H. Bach, Marie-Francine Moens, Lise Getoor, Martine De Cock
Understanding the Complexity of Lifted Inference and Asymmetric Weighted Model Counting PDF
Eric Gribkoff, Guy Van den Broeck, Dan Suciu
Evidence-Based Clustering for Scalable Inference in Markov Logic PDF
Deepak Venugopal, Vibhav Gogate