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AI and Robotics

Bounded Expectations for Discrepancy Detection in Goal-Driven Autonomy PDF
Mark A. Wilson, James McMahon, David W. Aha
Rethinking the Sense-Plan-Act Abstraction: A Model Attention and Selection Framework for Task-Relevant Estimation PDF
Lawson L. S. Wong

Cognitive Computing for Augmented Human Intelligence

Efficiently Retrieving Images that We Perceived as Similar PDF
Hui-Ju Katherine Chiang, Shih-Han Wang, Jane Yung-Jen Hsu
A Bayesian Approach to Determine Focus of Attention in Spatial and Time-Sensitive Decision Making Scenarios PDF
Yu-Ting Li, Juan Pablo Wachs
Saliency Detection within a Deep Convolutional Architecture PDF
Yuetan Lin, Shu Kong, Donghui Wang, Yueting Zhuang
Visual Entity Linking: A Preliminary Study PDF
Rebecka Weegar, Linus Hammarlund, Agnes Tegen, Magnus Oskarsson, Kalle Åström, Pierre Nugues

Computer Poker and Imperfect Information

Using Kullback-Leibler Divergence to Model Opponents in Poker PDF
Jiajia Zhang, Xuan Wang, Lin Yao, Jingpeng Li, Xuedong Shen

Machine Learning for Interactive Systems

An Automated Measure of MDP Similarity for Transfer in Reinforcement Learning PDF
Haitham Bou Ammar, Eric Eaton, Matthew E. Taylor, Decebal Constantin Mocanu, Kurt Driessens, Gerhard Weiss, Karl Tuyls

Modern Artificial Intelligence for Health Analytics

Organizers PDF
Byron Wallace
Preface PDF
Finale Doshi-Velez, David Kale, Byron Wallace, Jenna Wiens
Detection of Behavior Change in People with Depression PDF
Afsaneh Doryab, Jun Ki Min, Jason Wiese, John Zimmerman, Jason Hong
Transformed Representations for Convolutional Neural Networks in Diabetic Retinopathy Screening PDF
Gilbert Lim, Mong Li Lee, Wynne Hsu, Tien Yin Wong

Multiagent Interaction without Prior Coordination

An Application of Multiagent Learning in Highly Dynamic Environments PDF
Kyle Hollins Wray, Benjamin B. Thompson
A Distributed Communication Architecture for Dynamic Multiagent Systems PDF
Kyle Hollins Wray, Benjamin B. Thompson

Multidisciplinary Workshop on Advances in Preference Handling

Preface PDF
Darius Braziunas, Markus Endres, K. Brent Venable, Paul Weng, Lirong Xia
Computational Aspects of Multi-Winner Approval Voting PDF
Haris Aziz, Serge Gaspers, Joachim Gudmundsson, Simon Mackenzie, Nicholas Mattei, Toby Walsh
Fixing a Balanced Knockout Tournament PDF
Haris Aziz, Serge Gaspers, Simon Mackenzie, Nicholas Mattei, Paul Stursberg, Toby Walsh
Justified Representation in Approval-Based Committee Voting PDF
Haris Aziz, Toby Walsh
Controlling Elections by Replacing Candidates: Theoretical and Experimental Results PDF
Andrea Loreggia, Nina Narodytska, Francesca Rossi, K. Brent Venable, Toby Walsh

Semantic Cities: Beyond Open Data to Models, Standards and Reasoning

Exploiting Incremental Reasoning in Healthcare Based on Hadoop and Amazon Cloud PDF
Bo Liu, Liang Wu, Jianqiang Li, Ji-Jiang Yang
Allocation of Pre-Kindergarten Seats in New York City PDF
Ravi Shroff, Richard Dunks, Jeongki Lim, Haozhe Wang, Miguel Castro
Building Pattern with Open Web APIs in E-Governance PDF
Biplav Srivastava, Jim Laredo, Shao Chun Li, Florian Pinel, Daniel Williams, Fang Quan Xie, Chih Yuan, Blaine Dolph

Sequential Decision Making with Big Data

Matroid Bandits: Practical Large-Scale Combinatorial Bandits PDF
Branislav Kveton, Zheng Wen, Azin Ashkan, Hoda Eydgahi
Surprise and Curiosity for Big Data Robotics PDF
Adam White, Joseph Modayil, Richard S. Sutton
Integrating Representation Learning and Temporal Difference Learning: A Matrix Factorization Approach PDF
Martha White

Statistical Relational AI

Hierarchical Reasoning with Probabilistic Programming PDF
Brian E. Ruttenberg, Matthew P. Wilkins, Avi Pfeffer
Scalable Learning for Structure in Markov Logic Networks PDF
Zhengya Sun, Zhuoyu Wei, Jue Wang, Hongwei Hao
ProPPR: Efficient First-Order Probabilistic Logic Programming for Structure Discovery, Parameter Learning, and Scalable Inference PDF
William Yang Wang, Kathryn Mazaitis, William W Cohen

The World Wide Web and Public Health Intelligence

Exploring Health Topics in Chinese Social Media: An Analysis of Sina Weibo PDF
Shiliang Wang, Michael J. Paul, Mark Dredze