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An Architecture for Hybrid Planning and Execution
Robert P. Goldman, Dan Bryce, Michael J. S. Pelican, David J. Musliner, Kyungmin Bae

Last modified: 2016-03-29


This paper describes Hy-CIRCA, an architecture for verified, correct-by-construction planning and execution for hy- brid systems, including non-linear continuous dynamics. Hy-CIRCA addresses the high computational complexity of such systems by first planning at an abstract level, and then progressively refining the original plan. Hy-CIRCA is an extension of our Playbook approach, which aims to make it easy for users to exert supervisory control over multiple autonomous systems by “calling a play.” The Playbook approach is implemented by combining (1) a human-machine interface for commanding and monitoring the autonomous systems; (2) a hierarchical planner for translating commands into executable plans; and (3) a smart executive to manage plan execution by coordinating the control systems of the individual autonomous agents, tracking plan execution, and triggering replanning when necessary. Hy-CIRCA integrates the dReal non-linear SMT solver, with enhanced versions of the SHOP2 HTN planner and the CIRCA Controller Synthesis Module (CSM). Hy-CIRCA’s planning process has 5 steps: (1) Using SHOP2, compute an approximate mission plan. While computing this plan, compute a hybrid automaton model of the plan, featuring more expressive continuous dynamics. (2) Using dReal, solve this hybrid model, establishing the correctness of the plan, and computing values for its continuous parameters. To execute the plan, (3) extract from the plan specifications for closed-loop, hard real-time supervisory controllers for the agents that must execute the plan. (4) Based upon these specifications, use the CIRCA CSM to plan the controllers. To ensure correct execution, (5) verify the CSM-generated controllers with dReal.


controller synthesis, planning, hierarchical task network planning, hybrid systems, nonlinear systems, hybrid planning, timed automata, hybrid automata

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