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Inverse Reinforcement Learning Based Human Behavior Modeling for Goal Recognition in Dynamic Local Network Interdiction
Yunxiu Zeng, Kai Xu, Quanjun Yin, Long Qin, Yabing Zha, William Yeoh

Last modified: 2018-06-20


Goal recognition is the task of inferring an agent's goals given some or all of the agent’s observed actions. Among different ways of problem formulation, goal recognition can be solved as a model-based planning problem using off-the-shell planners. However, obtaining accurate cost or reward models of an agent and incorporating them into the planning model becomes an issue in real applications. Towards this end, we propose an Inverse Reinforcement Learning (IRL)-based opponent behavior modeling method, and apply it in the goal recognition assisted Dynamic Local Network Interdiction (DLNI) problem. We first introduce the overall framework and the DLNI problem domain of our work. After that, an IRL-based human behavior modeling method and Markov Decision Process-based goal recognition are introduced. Experimental results indicate that our learned behavior model has a higher tracking accuracy and yields better interdiction outcomes than other models.


Goal Recognition; Inverse Reinforcement Learning; Network Interdiction

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