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Towards Quicker Probabilistic Recognition with Multiple Goal Heuristic Search
Richard G. Freedman, Yi Ren Fung, Roman Ganchin, Shlomo Zilberstein

Last modified: 2018-06-20


Referred to as an approach for either plan or goal recognition, the original method proposed by Ramirez and Geffner introduced a domain-based approach that did not need a library containing specific plan instances. This introduced a more generalizable means of representing tasks to be recognized, but was also very slow due to its need to run simulations via multiple executions of an off-the-shelf classical planner. Several variations have since been proposed for quicker recognition, but each one uses a drastically different approach that must sacrifice other qualities useful for processing the recognition results in more complex systems. We present work in progress that takes advantage of the shared state space between planner executions to perform multiple goal heuristic search. This single execution of a planner will potentially speed up the recognition process using the original method, which also maintains the sacrificed properties and improves some of the assumptions made by Ramirez and Geffner.


Plan Recognition; Goal Recognition; Multiple Goal Heuristic Search

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