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Affective Content Analysis

Why Is an Event Affective? Classifying Affective Events Based on Human Needs PDF
Haibo Ding, Tianyu Jiang, Ellen Riloff
Knowledge-Driven Feed-Forward Neural Network for Audio Affective Content Analysis PDF
Sri Harsha Dumpala, Rupayan Chakraborty, Sunil Kumar Kopparapu
Do Convolutional Networks Need to Be Deep for Text Classification ? PDF
Hoa T. Le, Christophe Cerisara, Alexandre Denis

Artificial Intelligence and Marketing Science

Visual Listening In: Extracting Brand Image Portrayed on Social Media PDF
Liu Liu, Daria Dzyabura, Natalie Mizik

Artificial Intelligence Applied to Assistive Technologies and Smart Environments

αPOMDP: State-Based Decision Making for Personalized Assistive Robots PDF
Hend AlTair, Gonçalo Martins, Luıs Santos, Jorge Dias
Personalisation of Exercises in VRET PDF
Joris Heyse, Femke Ongenae, Femke De Backere, Filip De Turck
Self-Learning Algorithms for the Personalised Interaction with People with Dementia PDF
Bram Steenwinckel, Femke De Backere, Jelle Nelis, Femke Ongenae, Filip De Turck

AI Enhanced Internet of Things Data Processing for Intelligent Applications

Towards Knowledge Oriented Intelligent Audio Analytics PDF
Alessandro Oltramari, Joseph Szurley, Samarjit Das, Jonathan Francis, Juncheng Li

Artificial Intelligence for Cyber Security

“Attention” for Detecting Unreliable News in the Information Age PDF
Venkatesh Duppada

Declarative Learning Based Programming

Image Classification Using Deep Learning and Prior Knowledge PDF
Soumali Roychowdhury, Michelangelo Diligenti, Marco Gori

Engineering Dependable and Secure Machine Learning Systems

Evaluation of Predictive Models for Wildlife Poaching Activity through Controlled Field Test in Uganda PDF
Shahrzad Gholami, Benjamin Ford, Debarun Kar, Fei Fang, Milind Tambe, Andrew Plumptre, Margaret Driciru, Fred Wanyama, Aggrey Rwetsiba, Mustapha Nsubaga, Joshua Mabonga
Can We Achieve Open Category Detection with Guarantees? PDF
Si Liu, Risheek Garrepalli, Alan Fern, Thomas G. Dietterich

Health Intelligence

Balancing Lexicographic Fairness and a Utilitarian Objective with Application to Kidney Exchange PDF
Duncan C. McElfresh, John P. Dickerson

Knowledge Extraction from Games

Towards Explainable NPCs: A Relational Exploration Learning Agent PDF
Matthew Molineaux, Dustin Dannenhauer, David W. Aha
Concept-Aware Feature Extraction for Knowledge Transfer in Reinforcement Learning PDF
John Winder, Marie desJardins

Planning and Inference

Generalized Dual Decomposition for Bounding Maximum Expected Utility of Influence Diagrams with Perfect Recall PDF
Junkyu Lee, Alexander Ihler, Rina Dechter

Reasoning and Learning for Human-Machine Dialogues

An Inherently Explainable Model for Video Activity Interpretation PDF
Sathyanarayanan N. Aakur, Fillipe DM de Souza, Sudeep Sarkar
MEETING BOT: Reinforcement Learning for Dialogue Based Meeting Scheduling PDF
Vishwanath D, Lovekesh Vig, Gautam Shroff, Puneet Agarwal