Presentations and Authors

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Affective Content Analysis

Multimodal Alignment for Affective Content PDF
Nikita Haduong, David Nester, Preethi Vaidyanathan, Emily Prud'hommeaux, Reynold Bailey, Cecilia O. Alm

Artificial Intelligence and Marketing Science

Finding Exogenous Variation in Data PDF
Eliot Abrams, George Gui, Ali Hortacsu
Learning User Intent from Action Sequences on Interactive Systems PDF
Rakshit Agrawal, Anwar Habeeb, Chih-Hsin Hsueh

Artificial Intelligence Applied to Assistive Technologies and Smart Environments

Unsupervised Morphological Segmentation for Detecting Parkinson’s Disease PDF
Elif Eyigoz, Pablo Polosecki, Adolfo M. Garcia, Katharina Rogg, Juan Orozco-Arroyave, Sabine Skodda, Eugenia Hesse, Agustin Ibanez, Guillermo Cecchi
Personalisation of Exercises in VRET PDF
Joris Heyse, Femke Ongenae, Femke De Backere, Filip De Turck
Chatti: A Conversational Chatbot Platform PDF
Inchul Hwang, Heesik Jeon, Hyung Rai Oh, Donghyeon Lee, Munjo Kim, Jihie Kim

AI Enhanced Internet of Things Data Processing for Intelligent Applications

Recover Missing Sensor Data with Iterative Imputing Network PDF
Jingguang Zhou, Zili Huang

Artificial Intelligence for Cyber Security

Adequacy of the Gradient-Descent Method for Classifier Evasion Attacks PDF
Yi Han, Benjamin Rubinstein
Black-Box Attacks against RNN Based Malware Detection Algorithms PDF
Weiwei Hu, Ying Tan
Recurrent Neural Network Language Models for Open Vocabulary Event-Level Cyber Anomaly Detection PDF
Aaron Randall Tuor, Ryan Baerwolf, Nicolas Knowles, Brian Hutchinson, Nicole Nichols, Robert Jasper

Health Intelligence

Learning Disentangled Representation from 12-Lead Electrograms: Application in Localizing the Origin of Ventricular Tachycardia PDF
Prashnna K. Gyawali, B. Milan Horacek, John L. Sapp, Linwei Wang
Feature Extraction from Electronic Health Records of Diabetic Nephropathy Patients with Convolutioinal Autoencoder PDF
Takayuki Katsuki, Masaki Ono, Akira Koseki, Michiharu Kudo, Kyoichi Haida, Jun Kuroda, Masaki Makino, Ryosuke Yanagiya, Atsushi Suzuki
Topical Phrase Extraction from Clinical Reports by Incorporating both Local and Global Context PDF
Gabriele Pergola, Yulan He, David Lowe

Plan, Activity, and Intent Recognition

Plan and Goal Recognition as HTN Planning PDF ()
Daniel Höller, Pascal Bercher, Gregor Behnke, Susanne Biundo

Planning and Inference

Learning Others' Intentional Models in Multi-Agent Settings Using Interactive POMDPs PDF
Yanlin Han, Piotr Gmytrasiewicz

Statistical Modeling of Natural Software Corpora

Towards Traceability Link Recovery for Self-Adaptive Systems PDF
Reihaneh H. Hariri, Erik M. Fredericks
Extracting Information Types from Android Layout Code Using Sequence to Sequence Learning PDF
Mitra Bokaei Hosseini, Xue Qin, Xiaoyin Wang, Jianwei Niu