Presentations and Authors

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Artificial Intelligence and Marketing Science

VoC-DL: Revisiting Voice of Customer Using Deep Learning PDF
Susheel Suresh, Guru Rajan TS, Vipin Gopinath

AI Enhanced Internet of Things Data Processing for Intelligent Applications

Efficient Scene Labeling via Sparse Annotations PDF
Can Qin, Maoguo Gong, Yue Wu, Dayong Tian, Puzhao Zhang

Artificial Intelligence for Cyber Security

Black-Box Attacks against RNN Based Malware Detection Algorithms PDF
Weiwei Hu, Ying Tan
Detecting Cyberattack Entities from Audit Data via Multi-View Anomaly Detection with Feedback PDF
Md Amran Siddiqui, Alan Fern, Ryan Wright, Alec Theriault, David Archer, William Maxwell
Recurrent Neural Network Language Models for Open Vocabulary Event-Level Cyber Anomaly Detection PDF
Aaron Randall Tuor, Ryan Baerwolf, Nicolas Knowles, Brian Hutchinson, Nicole Nichols, Robert Jasper

Engineering Dependable and Secure Machine Learning Systems

Evaluation of Predictive Models for Wildlife Poaching Activity through Controlled Field Test in Uganda PDF
Shahrzad Gholami, Benjamin Ford, Debarun Kar, Fei Fang, Milind Tambe, Andrew Plumptre, Margaret Driciru, Fred Wanyama, Aggrey Rwetsiba, Mustapha Nsubaga, Joshua Mabonga

Health Intelligence

A Predictive Analytics Methodology to Assess and Optimize Readmission Risk in Heart Failure Patients PDF
Pavitra Krishnaswamy, Savitha Ramasamy, Abdullah Al-Dujaili, Srinath Sridharan, Geraldine Goh, Shao Chuen Tong, Khin Chaw Yu Aung, Gerard Leong Kui Toh, Michael Ross Macdonald, Sheldon Lee Shao Guang, Yan Cao, Suresh Sundaram, Chow Wai Leng
Using Machine Learning and Urine Cytology for Bladder Cancer Prescreening and Patient Stratification PDF
William Tun, Ognjen Arandjelovic, Peter David Caie
Preventing Infectious Disease in Dynamic Populations under Uncertainty PDF
Bryan Wilder, Sze-Chuan Suen, Milind Tambe

Knowledge Extraction from Games

Extraction of Interaction Events for Learning Reasonable Behavior in an Open-World Survival Game PDF
Emmett Tomai

Reasoning and Learning for Human-Machine Dialogues

Gated Orthogonal Recurrent Units: On Learning to Forget PDF
Li Jing, Caglar Gulcehre, John Peurifoy, Yichen Shen, Max Tegmark, Marin Soljacic, Yoshua Bengio
Production Ready Chatbots: Generate if Not Retrieve PDF
Aniruddha Tammewar, Monik Pamecha, Chirag Jain, Apurva Nagvenkar, Krupal Modi

Statistical Modeling of Natural Software Corpora

Using Natural Language Processing for Documentation Assist PDF
Alexandre Terrasa, Jean Privat, Guy Tremblay