Presentations and Authors

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Affective Content Analysis

Multimodal Alignment for Affective Content PDF
Nikita Haduong, David Nester, Preethi Vaidyanathan, Emily Prud'hommeaux, Reynold Bailey, Cecilia O. Alm

Artificial Intelligence and Marketing Science

Thematic Distillation and Point of View Extraction for Enterprise-Level Documents PDF
Elham Khabiri, Wesley M. Gifford, Pietro Mazzoleni, Dharmesh Vadgama

Health Intelligence

Integrating Environmental Data, Citizen Science and Personalized Predictive Modeling to Support Public Health in Cities: The PULSE WebGIS PDF
Enea Parimbelli, Daniele Pala, Riccardo Bellazzi, Cecilia Vera-Munoz, Vittorio Casella

Plan, Activity, and Intent Recognition

Online Goal Recognition as Reasoning over Landmarks PDF
Mor Vered, Ramon Fraga Pereira, Mauricio Cecilio Magnaguagno, Felipe Meneguzzi, Gal A. Kaminka

Reasoning and Learning for Human-Machine Dialogues

MEETING BOT: Reinforcement Learning for Dialogue Based Meeting Scheduling PDF
Vishwanath D, Lovekesh Vig, Gautam Shroff, Puneet Agarwal

Statistical Modeling of Natural Software Corpora

Statistical Machine Translation Is a Natural Fit for Automatic Identifier Renaming in Software Source Code PDF
Jeremy Lacomis, Alan Jaffe, Edward J. Schwartz, Claire Le Goues, Bogdan Vasilescu