DDFlow: Learning Optical Flow with Unlabeled Data Distillation

  • Pengpeng Liu The Chinese University of Hong Kong
  • Irwin King The Chinese University of Hong Kong
  • Michael R. Lyu The Chinese University of Hong Kong
  • Jia Xu Tencent AI Lab


We present DDFlow, a data distillation approach to learning optical flow estimation from unlabeled data. The approach distills reliable predictions from a teacher network, and uses these predictions as annotations to guide a student network to learn optical flow. Unlike existing work relying on handcrafted energy terms to handle occlusion, our approach is data-driven, and learns optical flow for occluded pixels. This enables us to train our model with a much simpler loss function, and achieve a much higher accuracy. We conduct a rigorous evaluation on the challenging Flying Chairs, MPI Sintel, KITTI 2012 and 2015 benchmarks, and show that our approach significantly outperforms all existing unsupervised learning methods, while running at real time.

AAAI Technical Track: Vision