Profiles, Proxies, and Assumptions: Decentralized, Communications-Resilient Planning, Allocation, and Scheduling

  • Ugur Kuter Smart Information Flow Technologies, LLC
  • Brian Kettler Lockheed Martin
  • Katherine Guo Lockheed Martin
  • Martin Hofmann Lockheed Martin
  • Valerie Champagne Patch Plus Consulting
  • Kurt Lachevet Air Force Research Laboratory
  • Jennifer Lautenschlager Lockheed Martin
  • Robert P. Goldman Smart Information Flow Technologies
  • Luis Asencios Lockheed Martin
  • Josh Hamell Smart Information Flow Technologies


Degraded communications are expected in large-scale disaster response and military operations, which nevertheless require rapid, concerted actions by distributed decision makers, each with limited visibility into the changing situation and in charge of a limited set of resources. We describe LAPLATA, a novel architecture that addresses these challenges by separating mission planning from allocation/scheduling for scalability but at the cost of some negotiation. We describe formal algorithms that achieve near-optimal performance according to mission completion percentage and subject matter expert review: assumption-based planning and replanning, profileassisted cooperative allocation, and schedule negotiation. We validate our approach on a realistic problem specification and compare results against subject matter expert solutions.

IAAI Technical Track: Emerging Papers