Inferring Concept Prerequisite Relations from Online Educational Resources

  • Sudeshna Roy Videoken
  • Meghana Madhyastha Indian Institute of Technology Bangalore
  • Sheril Lawrence Indian Institute of Technology Bangalore
  • Vaibhav Rajan National University of Singapore


The Internet has rich and rapidly increasing sources of high quality educational content. Inferring prerequisite relations between educational concepts is required for modern large-scale online educational technology applications such as personalized recommendations and automatic curriculum creation. We present PREREQ, a new supervised learning method for inferring concept prerequisite relations. PREREQ is designed using latent representations of concepts obtained from the Pairwise Latent Dirichlet Allocation model, and a neural network based on the Siamese network architecture. PREREQ can learn unknown concept prerequisites from course prerequisites and labeled concept prerequisite data. It outperforms state-of-the-art approaches on benchmark datasets and can effectively learn from very less training data. PREREQ can also use unlabeled video playlists, a steadily growing source of training data, to learn concept prerequisites, thus obviating the need for manual annotation of course prerequisites.

IAAI Technical Track: Emerging Papers