Type Sequence Preserving Heterogeneous Information Network Embedding

  • Yuxin Chen Peking University
  • Tengjiao Wang Peking University
  • Wei Chen Peking University
  • Qiang Li State Grid Information and Telecommunication Group
  • Zhen Qiu State Grid Information and Telecommunication Group


Lacking in sequence preserving mechanism, existing heterogeneous information network (HIN) embedding discards the essential type sequence information during embedding. We propose a Type Sequence Preserving HIN Embedding model (SeqHINE) which expands the HIN embedding to sequence level. SeqHINE incorporates the type sequence information via type-aware GRU and preserves representative sequence information by decay function. Abundant experiments show that SeqHINE can outperform state-of-the-art even with 50% less labeled data.

Student Abstract Track