Learning to Transfer Relational Representations through Analogy

  • Gaetano Rossiello University of Bari
  • Alfio Gliozzo IBM Research
  • Michael Glass IBM Research


We propose a novel approach to learn representations of relations expressed by their textual mentions. In our assumption, if two pairs of entities belong to the same relation, then those two pairs are analogous. We collect a large set of analogous pairs by matching triples in knowledge bases with web-scale corpora through distant supervision. This dataset is adopted to train a hierarchical siamese network in order to learn entity-entity embeddings which encode relational information through the different linguistic paraphrasing expressing the same relation. The model can be used to generate pre-trained embeddings which provide a valuable signal when integrated into an existing neural-based model by outperforming the state-of-the-art methods on a relation extraction task.

Student Abstract Track