Manifold Distance-Based Over-Sampling Technique for Class Imbalance Learning

  • Lingkai Yang China University of Mining and Technology
  • Yinan Guo China University of Mining and Technology
  • Jian Cheng China University of Mining and Technology


Over-sampling technology for handling the class imbalanced problem generates more minority samples to balance the dataset size of different classes. However, sampling in original data space is ineffective as the data in different classes is overlapped or disjunct. Based on this, a new minority sample is presented in terms of the manifold distance rather than Euclidean distance. The overlapped majority and minority samples apt to distribute in fully disjunct subspaces from the view of manifold learning. Moreover, it can avoid generating samples between the minority data locating far away in manifold space. Experiments on 23 UCI datasets show that the proposed method has the better classification accuracy.

Student Abstract Track