A Good Story Is One in a Million: Solution Density in Narrative Generation Problems

  • Cory Siler University of Kentucky Lexington
  • Stephen G. Ware University of Kentucky Lexington


Narrative generation systems can be classified on a spectrum from strong autonomy to strong story. Systems on the strong autonomy side treat characters as fully independent agents but may struggle to meet the author’s requirements, while those on the strong story side direct character behaviors centrally but may struggle to create the illusion of character believability. In this paper, we use benchmark story generation problems as a framework to compare the spaces of stories that could be generated by prototypical strong story and strong autonomy systems. Comparing the relative solution densities of these spaces helps us quantify how common certain desirable narrative properties are. This can be informative for system designers when deciding, for instance, whether to strictly enforce all desired properties or to generate and filter from a broader class of solutions.