Introducing Carnegie-Mellon University's Robotics Institute (Research in Progress)

  • Mark S. Fox
  • Gene Bartel
  • Hans Moravec


Carnegie-Mellon University has established a Robotics Institute to bring its expertise in engineering, science, and industrial administration to bear upon the problem of national industrial productivity. The institute has been established to undertake advanced research and development in seeing, thinking robots and intelligent systems, and to facilitate transfer of this technology to industry. The Institute is engaged in broad programs of research in robotics, artificial intelligence, manufacturing technology, micro-electronics technology, and computer science. The Institute offers the promise of dramatic advances that will not only improve the productivity of all types of employees but also lead to improvements in the "quality of life" for all.
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Fox, M. S., Bartel, G., & Moravec, H. (1981). Introducing Carnegie-Mellon University’s Robotics Institute (Research in Progress). AI Magazine, 2(2), 34.
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