AI Research and Application Development at Boeing's Huntsville Laboratories

  • Steve Tanner
  • Ray Carnes


This article contains an overview of recent and ongoing projects at Boeing's Huntsville Advanced Computing Group (ACG). In addition, it contains an overview of some of the work being conducted by Boeing's Advanced Civil Space Systems Group. One aspect of ACG's charter is to support the efforts of other groups at Boeing. Thus, AI is not considered a stand-alone field but, instead, is considered an area that can be used to find both long- and short-term solutions for Boeing and its customers. All the projects listed here represent a team effort on the part of both ACG researchers and members of other Boeing organizations.
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Tanner, S., & Carnes, R. (1993). AI Research and Application Development at Boeing’s Huntsville Laboratories. AI Magazine, 14(2), 57.
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